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January 29, 2013 Meme / Surveys 17

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I’ve been wanting to participate in Top Ten Tuesday for awhile, but things kept getting the way. I had some free time on Monday and began to really think about my list. In no particular order:

01. Ashley Wilkes (Gone With the Wind): I could never understand why Scarlett was in love with him and how in the world Melanie could be with him. He was weak and too much of a dreamer. How did he survive the war if he hated it and the idea of it? He also leads Scarlett on by telling her he returns her feelings and yet he doesn’t. I only wish Scarlett had realized her feelings for Rhett early on so I wouldn’t have to read pages upon pages of her infatuation with Ashley.

02. Anastasia Steele (Fifty Shades of Grey): It’s clear that Christian Grey must be missing some brain cells if he decided Ana was the one. Never once does she question his sudden appearances or his constant need to know where she is. If Christian tells her to stay away from something, what does she do? The opposite and then she’s the one upset because after all he was right. The whole “inner goddess” talks makes me want to point her to the nearest mental health professional. Stop disobeying everything he says and be a good submissive by doing what he commands.

03. Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby): She’s the reason why I can’t like the book. She’s shallow, selfish, and boring! She needed to be hit by the car and let everyone move on with their lives.

04. Christa Peterson (Gabriel’s Inferno): I kept hoping a bus would hit her. I can understand having a crush on a professor, but come on! Trying to do everything you can to sleep with him when clearly he’s avoided you like the plague, can’t you take the hint? Be a good postgrad student and study. Sleeping your way to a PhD won’t land you a job when you can’t pass your exams.

05. Kiera Allen (Thoughtless): I hate Kiera should be a shirt. The whole I can’t do this to Denny yet I love you Kellan was painful. I really do wish the author had gone with the original ending of killing her off.

06. Lydia (Pride and Prejudice): I wish Lizzie had slapped her a few dozen times. Never once did she stop to think of her actions and what it would mean to her family. Then afterwards, she’s so full of pride because somehow Wickham‎ is a gold prize (barf) and everyone around her is beneath her because “she’s married.”

07. Amy March (Little Women): This is another character that needed a few slaps. I know in fits in anger we do things that will hurt another, but burning Jo’s manuscript? No. Let’s not discuss her marrying Laurie and no doubt secretly thumbed her nose at Jo that she ended up with him.

08. Arthur Dimmesdale (The Scarlet Letter): I kept hoping he would man up and accept responsibility for his own part of the affair with Hester and fathering her child, but does he? No. He just lets her take the brunt of scorn while he secretly tortures himself with the guilt.

09. Catelyn Stark (Game of Thrones): Mostly due to her treatment of Jon Snow. I can understand her anger and resentment, but grow up! You have your own children and what example are you setting? She’s watched Jon grow and knows his character. Judge him on character alone and not the circumstances he was born under.

10. Toto (Lenox mystery novels): I want to shake some sense into this woman. First she loves her doctor husband, McConnell, and then picks a fight with him for no reason. I’m not even sure why these two are still married other than the author doesn’t want to go the divorce route in Victorian England or he has them together to fill in background gaps. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the books, but Toto just doesn’t do it for me.

What characters are on your list?

17 Responses to “Top Ten Irritating Characters”

    • Jessica

      I wanted Sansa on the list, but gave her pass because she’s young. I agree- Catelyn’s treatment of Jon just made me like him more.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    • Jessica

      As a girl I thought Ashley was perfect and didn’t like Rhett, but when I reread Gone With the Wind several years later I had talk with my 13 yr old self. LOL

      I LOVE the title of your top ten post!

    • Jessica

      I liked Kiera, but her treatment of Denny AFTER Kellan annoyed me plus her whole disliking Kellan when he had moved on (well tried to). I just sort of feel…if Stephens had killed her off I would have been okay with the ending. Others not so much, but I would have.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  1. Rory O'Connor

    This list is near perfect (though I can’t comment 4, 5 or 10 as I haven’t read them). I can’t believe I left of Ana. Maybe I’ve tried to block her from my memory? It’s like she falls in love and loses what few brain cells she started with, forgets how to eat, and learns how to whine constantly.

    Jon Snow is my favorite character, so I’m prone to disliking Catelyn as well.

  2. Julianne

    Lydia is such an idiot but it’s probably her mother’s fault – and she does set off the chain of events that bring Elizabeth and Darcy together!

  3. Renata

    Loved this list! Imagine that wonderful couple would Ashley Wilkes & Anastasia Steele!

    Just think you should havent read the Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon. If you’d read this books, the damn Laoghaire MacKenzie would be on that list!

    • Jessica

      Ashley and Ana can get together and discuss the philosophy of war and Tess of the d’Urbervilles. 😉

      Oooh, I haven’t tried Outlander yet. I know everyone keeps saying I HAVE to read them, but I’ve avoided them. I may give them a try over the holidays once things settle down for me.

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