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April 6, 2013 Bright Lights 2

This week’s Film Friday is a little different because I wanted to combine it with a wrap up of the George Strait concert I attended last night. I wanted to post this after the concert, but I got home way too late and all I wanted was sleep.

I grew up with country music in the house and my parents really enjoyed George Strait. When my father heard this year was going to be George’s last tour, he decided to purchase tickets.

Walking into the venue was crazy since there were over 15,000 people present and even though we got there late we still had to wait in line for over twenty minutes. We made our way down to our seats and noticed people sitting there. Turns out someone was sitting in their seats and they decided to take ours. I dislike it when people do this. Do me a favor and get an usher if someone is sitting in your assigned seats I wanted to say. A few minutes later it was straighted out and by then Martina McBride was on stage (she was the opening act). She sang for a little over an hour and I joked about how whose concert she forgot it was. LOL! During intermission they played a video of George’s career. Ah tears in my eyes at this point since this was his goodbye tour. George took the stage about twenty minutes after McBride and he got a standing ovation. The concert was a basically a chronology of his career and he played a lot of songs he use to sing when he played at bars back before he signed his record deal. He was very humble and would take a bow after each song. He brought out McBride for two duets and then he brought up a wounded warrior to tell him he’s getting a house along with a few other items and a job as a thank you for serving his country. Afterwards he played a few more songs and he took his final bow. Tears when he began with Troubadour.

Song highlights:
The Fireman, Amarillo By Morning, Marina del Rey, The Chair, Blame It On Mexico, Ocean Front Property, and Troubadour.


Wish he had sung: Does Ft Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, Fool Hearted Memory, I Just Want To Dance With You, Write This Down, and Ace In The Hole.

As George takes his final bows and thanks his fans, it is the fans who have to thank him. He said we got him through a lot of hard times, but he’s easily helped us as well even if it’s to forget a few things in life. Thank you, George.

So for this week’s film, I chose his 1992 film, Pure Country. He’s not the best actor, but it is a cute film.

Pure Country (1992)
Superstar Dusty Chandler (Strait) is tired of the smoke, the strobe lights and the overmiked sound of his arena spectaculars. One night, something snaps. “I’m just going to take a little walk,” Dusty says as he walks out of the empty hall, ditching his beard, ponytail – and temporarily, his career – to reclaim his down-home country roots. But his manager (Leslie Ann Warren) retaliates: a stand-in (Kyle Chandler) lip-synchs his songs in concert. And a romance with a lovely rancher (Isabel Glasser) is on again, off again like a rodeo cowboy. The simple life can be complex, but it’s nothing a revitalized country boy can’t handle!

2 Responses to “Bright Lights: George Straigt”

  1. stephaniehurt

    It’s so sad that he’s retiring. He’s got so much talent and will be missed. It’s an awesome movie mainly because he sings in it and you get to look at him. Enjoyed the post and envious about the concert. I know it was fantastic.

    • Jessica

      It is sad he’s retiring, but at the same time he’s been touring for so long and I understand his reasons. He’s going out the way he should and while he might still record an album or two, I think he really wants to spend time with his family.

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