Include these words and I’ll buy your book

April 30, 2013 Meme / Surveys 4

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This week’s topic is: words, topics that instantly make us buy a book

Reunited Lovers
Hands down without a doubt: long lost lovers reunited. I don’t know why this is my favorite, but maybe it has to do with second chances and the fact that sparks are still flying between the two. My favorite book that features this is Sherry Thomas’ Not Quite A Husband. It’s filled with tons of angst, but because I’m an angst whore, it’s perfect for me.

Marriage of Convenience
I do love a good marriage of convenience plot because let’s face it, our hero / heroine will get together despite their efforts to keep away from each other. If there’s an agreement of let’s say, go their separate ways after x number of months, etc. then even better. Ah Mary Balogh’s Tangled comes to mind.

I can’t say no to a Regency rake! But ewww to the ones that sleep around with hundreds of women. No, I like my rakes to have had a handful of experience. My favorite rake? Oh wait, I have to narrow it to one? Liz Carlyle’s Bentley Rutledge. He makes an appearance in a few of her books, but gets his very own in The Devil You Know.

Hmmmm…this might go hand in hand with the rake plot, but I love a seduction! The resistance of trying to be led astray only to fail. mmmmm yeah I love a good seduction plot.

Family Secrets
I feel special for being trusted with a secret that could devastate a family, make someone filthy rich, etc. The reader is privy to the information before the rest of the characters, but then again I’m a fan of the types that reveal the information as you read. Lauren Willig’s The Ashford Affair is a favorite.

Hidden Identity
I refuse to believe the whole long lost earl is the stable boy type of thing because his father was too strict so he ran away, but if someone needs to hide who they are for the sake of saving the world or finding a murder, I’m game. Sherry Thomas’ His At Night comes to mind.

As a mystery fan, I can’t say no to a detective. Major plus if he’s a British! One of my favorite detective series is Charles Finch’s Charles Lenox mystery series.

Having lived a year in Glasgow, if a book is set anywhere in Scotland, I’ll pick it up. I love that feeling of having the opportunity to say hello to a country that I love and I get all excited if it features a city I’ve visited.

Mention ice skates and a hot player and I’m sold.

Regency / Victorian
I’m a big historical fiction fan, so if the synopsis mentions the Regency or Victorian period I buy the book then and there. No questions asked.

Honorable mentions: serial killer (yeah I’m a fan of the genre lately), friend falling for best friend’s sibling, spies, fairytale (I love retellings!), paid companions, mad scientist, and evil hero turned good.

What about you? Any words that grab attention right away or plot you can’t say no to?

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  1. Arlinda

    Books about Africa, the Middle East and Russia are always alluring to me. Also books about mythology or young adult novels because most of the time there’s a moral to the story. Books about travelers and reflection.

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