Armchair BEA: Day 5-Keeping It Real, Fresh, and Fun

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Today’s topic is all about keeping our blog fresh with new ideas and how some of us prevent burnout.

With so many blogs reviewing the same books or interviewing the same authors, I like to do a things a little differently. For author interviews, I like to read an author’s book and ask questions about the plot, characters, etc. You’ll also see a lightning round at the end-the number of questions asked, 7 plays homage to the ex-blog I was part of and it’s my way of honoring them even if they refuse to acknowledge me. Lightning round questions are just short this or that questions such as, cake or pie. As for reviews, I probably analyze a book more than your average reader. I have a formula of sorts. First I recap the plot, then I discuss character development, and from there anything goes regarding what I liked. I do try to give a reason if something didn’t work for me. For example, if I can’t suspend disbelief in a fictional book, I explain why. There was one book I reviewed where the heroine pays for a male escort in Las Vegas and even has sex with him, but in real life that can’t happen due to prostitution being illegal in Las Vegas city limits (outside the county, go for it). I tried to let it go, but I just couldn’t. I’m not sure if pointing out little research flaws equals keeping things fresh.

I’m hoping to branch the blog out more and go back to making minimalist character posters for books. It’s a great way to set me apart and gives Lit, etc a creative spin. Here’s a minimalist character poster I made SC Stephen’s Thoughtless and here’s a quote card I made for Eloisa James’ Once Upon a Tower (click on each for the full version):
thoughtless_1 tower03

I participate in a few meme’s, mostly Top Ten Tuesday or Feature Follow Friday. Once in a while I’ll post a reflection post, mostly on a book / character or something regarding publishing. Recently there was some controversy regarding an author pulling her book from Amazon and other outlets because of negative reviews. I discussed my thoughts here. I’m hoping to write more discussion type of blog posts in the future.

In the end, a blogger needs to do what works for them. Do what works for you and put a spin on your blog. If you need a few days to take off from blogging, do it. There’s no right way or wrong way to blog. Create your rules.

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