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This book may be unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18 due to foul language, explicit sex scenes, and / or violence.
Blog Tour: Review-Diana Baron’s Training TemptationTitle: Training Temptation
Author: Diana Baron
Genre: Erotica
My Rating: three-stars
My Copy: Review Copy via Author
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Synopsis: Caught in a web of deceit, Caroline must run the race of her life to save her family home. Her reputation as the high society owner of the #1 stable for Ponygirls in the world is on the line. And, there’s only one man who can help her win.

Edward Hastings is steamy, passionate and dangerous. With molten brown eyes and a rock hard body, the notorious playboy could have any woman in the world, but he only wants her. The first time he’d seen Caroline dressed like a pony, he’d been enthralled. Now, nothing will keep him from her.

They strike a deal. He’ll train her if she sticks to his rules. But rules were made to be broken. The moment he slides the bit into her mouth, she knows she’s in trouble. As he ignites a fire in her body and her mind, will she make it through the week without losing her heart to him? Or will she be able to train temptation?

Character development is pretty good for it being a novella. I felt like I got to know Caroline and Edward pretty well especially their concerns. Even though Caroline writes Edward off, they actually have a lot more in common than they care to admit. I won’t explain what it is because it is a spoiler. I liked that Edward wasn’t this egotistical jerk and he truly did care about Caroline. I do believe he was attracted to her because he could have any woman he wanted, but her. Caroline isn’t one to back down from a challenge and speaks her mind. She’s courageous and thinks about the estate and the people she’s responsible for. We are introduced to several secondary characters including Edwards’ father, Anton. Anton is interesting and I won’t say anything else about him because it’s part of the plot.

Narrative is third person and while it keeps the reader interested, there are some informational gaps and sections need to be tightened. For example, Edward and Caroline are discussing involving Senator Garvin and she explains the merger Garvin is working on. In the next chapter Edward is confused as to why Garvin needs to be involved in the unmasking of Anton’s activities and Caroline explains it again. Furthermore, Edward is suppose to be racing against Caroline and during his initial training of her, there’s no conversation regarding his involvement in the race or where he placed afterwards. The real treat of Baron’s Training Temptation is the romance that develops between Edward and Caroline. I really enjoyed their scenes once everything started to come together especially when they both gave up control and learned to trust each other.

My favorite quotes:
“It doesn’t take med school to slap on a bandage.”

“Some days you could turn coal into diamonds.”

I’m not familiar with ponygirls and had to do some research on the subject. It’s interesting and I respect anyone into it, but it’s not for me (although if there’s a sequel I’d be inclined to read it). If you enjoy reading about animal role-play in the BDSM context or looking to expand your comfort level, then you’ll enjoy Diana Baron’s Training Temptation.

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She studied writing and literature through high school and into the first two years of college. But then, her fascination with other cultures and religious practices took over. She has degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Comparative Religious Studies from San Jose State University and is published in non-fiction.

After college, her life took an unexpected turn. She’s currently a project manager and technical spec writer for a Silicon Valley computer company by day and a daring novelist by night. When she’s not tearing up the felt playing at the World Series of Poker, she’s traveling to her favorite Caribbean islands.

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