Questions with 8: Fifty Shades Edition

October 22, 2013 eight 3

A few months ago, Steph from Inspiring Insomnia had a conversations with Siri post. It was fun to read and in many ways inspired this post with a Magic 8 ball. Now I had trouble with the pictures I took of the responses showing up and I also wanted to show the question. Therefore, I used the Magic Eight Ball CGI from Purdue. The answer set up is a bit awkward with the response on top of the question and it was confusing to read as I put this together so I flipped the format.

I hereby present you with a new semi-feature: Questions with 8. If you have a question you’re dying to know the answer to (remember it has to be a yes/no type question), feel free to leave your own questions and I’ll address them in a future edition with credit.

Before proceeding, this feature is for entertainment purposes only. No offense is intended and I’m not poking fun at fans of Fifty Shades (hey, I’m a fan of Christian Grey’s tie).

Let’s get started! I always wonder about people’s favorite books. Maybe 8 has one.


Hmmm…I wonder what book could it be?


 Okay, will return to the question. Inquiring minds want to know…


Oh, 8! Just come out with it.


Lots of women read the books in public and felt no shame doing it.


It’s sold more copies than Harry Potter and the fastest selling paperback of all time.


I see… since the film is a hot topic, let’s ask some questions about it.

Oh.  That’s a surprise.  I’m not either, but because I think the books shouldn’t be made into films.

Turns out 8 is a closeted Fifty fan.

The initial script writer has been fired and a script doctor brought in. I know what you’re thinking…

Oh wow! 8 has some inside information. Okay, now to ask about Charlie!

That’s too bad! I’m sure we all would have liked the inside scoop.

Some of you are disappointed in Charlie’s departure because he was your Christian. So…

You continue to surprise me 8!  Now let’s talk about Dakota Johnson.

Alright, lots of uproar over Ana’s casting and looks like 8 agrees with most fans.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Fifty fans you aren’t alone!

At last 8 admits it!  Now going back to the question about it being a favorite book…

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