2014 Book Blogger Love-a-thon Mini Challenge #6: Love-A-Thon Awards

February 16, 2014 Love-a-thon 2

Book Blogger Love-a-thon continues and this time with a mini challenge: love-a-thon awards! We were asked to pick 1-5 blogs and fill in the different categories. The only one I didn’t fill in was the fangirl category because I don’t have a blogger to turn to and like to think that everyone is one! πŸ™‚

Best Blog Design
On Starships & Dragonwings-I admit it is the dragon that just gets me all the time! It’s super cute and reflects the genres she covers perfectly!

The Novel Hermit-I just adore that header and the colors she uses!

Best Weekly Feature
Do! Judge a Book By Its Cover over at Pop! Goes the Reader Cover. While most other blogs do this type of feature, what I love about Jen’s is that she covers different genres and focuses on more than cover! Talk about droolworthy!

Judge a Book by Its Signature over at Effortless Reading. Instead of judging a book by its cover (as in deciding to read a book based on the cover alone), Kelly judges it by the author’s signature and asks if the signature would entice to you read the book.

Bamboozled Mondays over at SMI BookClub. The concept behind this is to feature reviews of highly anticipated books that didn’t quite meet expectations. It’s a great way to share the frustration and realize you aren’t alone.

Best Discussion Posts
Ashley over at Nose Graze always has some insightful discussion posts ranging from what makes her follow a blog to what turns her off from following. I really like these type of posts because it makes you take a moment to reflect on your blog and how to improve it.

Friendliest Blogger
Jewelz from SMI BookClub. Ah I adore her and I know I can ask her anything. We have some of the most interesting discussions.

Danielle from Consuming Worlds. Danielle is pretty awesome online and in person too! She just overall rocks.

Most Helpful Reviews
Anna from Herding Cats & Burning Soup-I love how truthful she is with her reviews and I admit to buying a book based on her reaction to a certain scene while reading it!

Alyssa from Eater of Books-She’s not afraid to tell you what worked in a book and what didn’t. I know I can count on her for her thoughts regarding books.

Favorite Author Blog
Deanna Raybourn loves to go behind the scenes and provide tidbits about her books. I’ve made no secret about loving her Lady Julia Grey series and in December she devoted an entire month to behind the scenes and it was fascinating!

Charles Finch doesn’t have a website, but he does post on Facebook and Goodreads. I totally love Charlie’s posts because they make you think. He did a post regarding authors and their past and if that would affect your choice in buying their books. I loved the responses and his post afterwards about it.

Favorite Author Twitter
Jessica Lemmon! I adore Jess (seriously adore her!) and can’t think of a better author to interact with on Twitter.

Tiffany Reisz-She’s not one to shy away from talking from the heart.

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