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March 12, 2014 Essentials 1

Have you ever wanted to read an established author, but not sure where to start? Fear no more! The Essentials is a showcase spotlighting a specific author or series. The feature might even include non-bookish related items such as films or music.

To kick off The Essentials, I’m spotlighting Liz Carlyle. Carlyle has written 21 full length novels and 3 novellas. She’s always on my auto buy list, but admit, I prefer classic Liz. By that I mean, I love her earlier novels which I consider to be essential to any historical romance fan! I’m always surprised when she’s not listed as an author to read when people ask for recommendations because I truly do consider her a gem.


My False Heart / Goodreads
This is Carlyle’s debut and there’s nothing sexier than a reformed rake. It is a mistaken identity story and an enjoyable one. What I really adore about this book are the children and how each play a role in Elliot and Evangeline’s lives. Elliot needed to spend time in Evangeline’s household and the beauty of Carlyle’s writing is that we get to experience the journey with the characters. There’s a bit of angst especially when Evie finds out who Elliot is, but nothing too dramatic.

Beauty Like the Night / Goodreads
As a fan of lovers reunited this one had me in fits because both our main characters share a past and yet only one knows it. Helene never forgot Camden, but when she accepts a job to help treat Cam’s daughter she has to fight the bittersweet memories. These two smolder and their attraction is very much apparent to everyone around them. The real treat in Beauty are the secondary characters and this was such a fun read. The interaction between Cam and his pain the ass brother Bentley is priceless.

A Woman Scorned / Goodreads
When the Marquis of Mercer is found murdered in his bed, his wife, Jonet, is the primary suspect. Everyone knows she’s an adulteress and she never once refuted it. Enter Cole, a man of god and a former military officer. He fights the attraction while trying to figure out if she’s the cold blooded killer that society thinks she is. While we don’t have any secondary characters who steal the show, it’s the mystery of trying to figure out who Jonet really is that makes this book special.

The Devil You know / Goodreads
Of all her novels, The Devil You Know is one of my favorites! Maybe it has something to do with Bentley or just the story, but oh my god, if you love rakes this is ONE you have to read! Frederica and Bentley share a kiss and then it to leads more. Bentley who has had his share of women knows when to stop, but there’s something about Frederica and he can’t. In the end, he shows us he has more honor than most give him credit. While this does become a forced marriage, the real treat are the scenes of them together and the uncovering of Bentley’s past. This one answers all our questions as to why Bentley acts the way he does towards Cam and your heart just breaks when all is revealed.

No True Gentleman / Goodreads
When it comes to Carlyle’s heroes Max is my favorite (sorry Bentley!). Max is dark, brooding, and moody. He makes no apologies for who he is and in the end tries to change for Catherine, but realizes she loves him just the way he is. And as for Cat, I love that she’s just practical and feels so real. What I really enjoyed about No True Gentleman is how Carlyle gives us a hero who works despite having an aristocratic background and he’s a foreigner. The real scene steal is George Kemble and if you’ve read any of the books above, already have met him.

Have you ever read any of Liz Carlyle’s books? If so, which of her books would make your essentials list?

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