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Blog Tour: Review-Eloisa James’ Three Weeks with Lady X + GiveawayTitle: Three Weeks With Lady X
Author: Eloisa James
Genre: Historical Romance
My Rating: four-stars
My Copy: ARC via Avon
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Synopsis: Having made a fortune, Thorn Dautry, the powerful bastard son of a duke, decides that he needs a wife. But to marry a lady, Thorn must acquire a gleaming, civilized façade, the specialty of Lady Xenobia India.

Exquisite, head-strong, and independent, India vows to make Thorn marriageable in just three weeks.

But neither Thorn nor India anticipate the forbidden passion that explodes between them.

Thorn will stop at nothing to make India his. Failure is not an option.

But there is only one thing that will make India his—the one thing Thorn can’t afford to lose…

His fierce and lawless heart.

Eloisa James is one of those authors who are hit or miss for me. I loved, loved, loved meeting Leopold Dautry, the Duke of Villiers in James’ Desperate Duchesses series and when I heard his illegitimate son, Tobias, was getting a book, I couldn’t resist the temptation to read it! Ah, Three Weeks with Lady X was everything I wanted! If you’ve never read James’ Desperate Duchesses series it’s not necessary to do so in order to enjoy Three Weeks with Lady X. There are no spoilers and you can even go back to read Leopold’s story, A Duke of Her Own, and not miss anything since both are good standalones.

We have good characterization and James does a great job letting us spend an equal amount of time with both India and Thorn. India is in a unique position in that, she’s a daughter of a Marquess and yet one that is impoverished. Everyone assumes she’s had everything at her feet because of her family, but instead she’s had to make her own in the world. And yet, there are two sides to India. One that is cool and collected and very much the type of lady society expects and then there’s the side that only Thorn gets to know. I won’t go into details because I want you to discover this side of her. As for Thorn, oh boy! He may be one of my favorite James heroes to date! I adored him and the scars of his past. He has a bit of bad boy streak, but not to the extent of his father’s reputation. Thorn has had to struggle with being a bastard in a world where it did matter which side of the blanket you were born. We have a few secondary characters that play an important role including Thorn’s best friend Vander (I’m dying for his story!), a precocious ward, and a dimwit potential fiancée.

What I loved about Three Weeks? The banter between India and Thorn. James includes an exchange of letter writing between them and I have to say hands down this was my favorite part! I eagerly looked forward to their letters and unbeknownst to themselves, they did share aspects of their personality during these exchanges. I really enjoyed getting to know them and the sizzling attraction they had for each other was apparent. The real scene stealer was Villiers himself who makes an appearance. He knows where India and Thorn stand before they even do and I laughed with glee at his meddling.

Overall, Three Weeks with Lady X is just a feel good read! You’ll be sighing, laughing, and fall to pieces as your heart breaks. While some of the plot is a bit predictable, James gives us a well flushed out story that made me want to restart the novel several times just so it wouldn’t end. I debated with the rating between a four and five and in the end went with a four based on the predictability of a few key scenes. While I understand the way these scenes play out are necessary to advance the plot and make things fall into place, it was easy to figure out the how and why.

If you’re a fan of historical romances or are looking to a new series or author, I highly recommend Eloisa James’ Three Weeks with Lady X! I’ve been holding out on reading Villiers story (because he’s just so precious to me that I don’t want to be disappointed) and Three Weeks made me want to spend more time with him and reread the series from the beginning.

You can read an excerpt of Eloisa James’ Three Weeks with Lady X here.


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