Introducing #bookbrag

August 10, 2014 news 1

The awesome team behind the Macmillan Publishers Author Events Twitter account have created #bookbrag. Basically it’s a fun way to showcase your love for all bookish things including meeting your favorite authors, finding an awesome book, meeting other book lovers, and the list goes on and on. The best part? It doesn’t have to be related to the Macmillan publishing house!

How do you get involved? It’s easy. On Tumblr:
1. Post your #bookbrag to your own Tumblr blog and tag the post #bookbrag and they’ll reblog it.
2. Submit your #bookbrag to

You can also hashtag your pictures / tweets on Twitter using: #bookbrag.

I hope several of you will get involved and hopefully find a new author to follow or perhaps stumble upon a cool new read.

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