Channel Surfing: I’m a Marshmallow!

December 15, 2014 Films / TV Series 1

I just finished binge watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars and I can’t believe I went this long NOT being a fan of the show! One of the reasons I decided to finally watch was because I made the mistake of watching the film first. I had a ton of questions and to be truthful found the film to be a bit ah boring. It was boring to me in the sense that I had NO idea what I was getting and who was who. While the film introduces people to the world of Veronica Mars, it follows the format that the show does; that being old cases tend to pop up in a future episode. I was totally lost and I had no one to turn to because no one close to me was a fan. I decided to start fresh and I ended up loving the show!

Veronica’s Men
1. Duncan Kane: Oh Duncan! Forgive me but you’re just dull as a doorknob. After Lilly’s killer is revealed, I honestly saw no reason why Duncan was around. His storyline was pretty limited and the relationship between him and Veronica felt forced. As just friends they make a wonderful team, but as lovers? Snooze!

2. Logan Echolls: Logan just smolders on screen. My squee of delight when he came to Veronica’s rescue and ahem kissed her probably was heard all around the world. I kept thinking about Lilly and had she lived would Logan and Veronica gravitate towards each other? The answer is yes. I think the secret Lilly had would have come out and eventually led to Logan and Veronica.

3. Leo D’Amato: I liked Leo, but not as a love interest for Veronica. He’s easy to sidestep and sort of boss around which is one reason why they just don’t work. As friends and potential consultants, they’re relationship would be beautiful.

4. Troy Vandegraff: It was a short lived romance and one Veronica needed to reestablish herself among the 09ers.

5. Stosh “Piz” Piznarski: It’s hard not to dislike Piz because he’s just so nice! He makes a good fit for Veronica because he’s the opposite of Logan. I forgot what episode it was, but Logan notes their differences and how Piz is a working man while Logan isn’t. That episode really sets both men up. Piz isn’t afraid to let Veronica be who she is, but will be there to curb her wild tendencies whereas Logan wants to protect Veronica and be the person she asks for help. Piz doesn’t ask for anything.

In the end, I need more Veronica Mars! I’m saddened I wasn’t part of the Kickstarter campaign for the film and I only hope that one day I can be involved with the franchise in some format. I also hope that Funko one day produces a Veronica Mars Pop! line. I need them all.

And on a final note-am I only the one who wished there had a been Logan / Dick Casablancas spin-off? Maybe those two having a show like the Hardy boys and solving their own mysteries.

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  1. Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

    Awh, yay! I’m so glad you love VMars, Jess 😀 Although I’m disappointed you watched the movie first D:

    It was such a torture finishing the third season years ago and never knowing what happened to the characters. There were always rumours about a movie, but that always happens with TV shows (like Gilmore Girls and Buff). And then all of a sudden there WAS a movie coming out and it was so exciting! I loved getting the ending I always wanted.

    As for a spin-off, there’s a YouTube only show called Play It Again, Dick that is about Dick! So far I haven’t watched it, but I’m willing to give it a try. 🙂

    Anyway, HURRAH for VMars!
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