Meeting Neil Patrick Harris

December 16, 2014 Bookish Events 3

I’d like to say I was suave and didn’t forget my little speech I had planned to say at the moment I met actor Neil Patrick Harris. The reality is…I spaced! On Monday, October 20th, I attended the book signing at Barnes & Noble for Harris’ autobiography: Chose Your Own Autobiography.

I didn’t know Harris was coming until I read an article on the Friday before the 20th and I hated calling the bookstore to see if there were any wristbands left for the signing. When I was given the yes there were still some left, I had to ask the all important question most bloggers have: could I get a second copy signed? Here is where I ran into a problem, no one I knew was available to go pick up an event wristband because B&N was only handing them out if the person requesting one was present and they’d have to buy a book too. Purchasing a second copy was no problem because the second copy would end up given away on the blog. In the end, my dad did me the favor and we got our wristbands.

So that Monday, my dad and I arrived a little after 6 pm for a 7:30 pm signing and the parking lot-it looked liked Christmas shopping! There were no parking spaces and on top of that, it was a rainy day. I tucked the books in a plastic bag and placed them in my purse and off we went. Inside? The line waiting to see Harris was unbelievable! It was chaotic and I feel bad for the staff because there were better ways to control everyone. They decided to call everyone based on wristband numbers and oh boy we were lucky in many ways. They started off with those with 1 to 50 and then the number jumped to 200. My dad and I waited in line officially for less than 10 minutes once our numbers were called (about 30 minutes once the event started), but there while we were in the 320’s there were others in the 1000’s and counting.

While we waited for our number to be called, a little old lady lost her wristband and I felt horrible. I helped look for it, but not luck. I thought of giving her my wristband, but my dad had this look of “don’t you dare because I sacrificed an evening to do this for you.” Happily, she found hers! When she took off her coat, it was tucked in the sleeves. There were also a lot of guys dressed in suits! If my dad wasn’t with me, I would have chatted them up and taken their pictures. My dad didn’t understand the whole suit significance.
So, when it was finally my turn to get one copy signed, I wanted to congratulate him on his Tony and let him know how much I loved his performance in Gone Girl. In the end, I just smiled and said, “Hello Mr. Harris.” And he proceeded to sign my copy. I then waited a bit for my dad to get his signed and then Harris says, “What’s Literary, etc?” My dad looks at me and I raise my hand and say out loud, “It’s my book blog!” See my dad thought it would be cute to get my copy signed from him as a to: Literary, etc. Harris just laughed and said, “cool.” So Dr. Doggie Barney (okay Dr. Doogie Howser aka Barney) knows all about the blog! And if I may say so, it was legen— wait for it—dary experience.

And if you’re wondering-there will be a signed copy given at a future date.

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