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February 26, 2015 Films / TV Series 1

Over Christmas I finally watched Disney’s Frozen and admit, I had more questions than answers. Since then, I’ve watched it twice more and still my questions aren’t even close to being answered!

• Where does Elsa get her powers from? We aren’t ever told the whole who, what, and why. I have a suspicion her father might know more?

• Why keep the sisters apart? Why couldn’t they tell Anna exactly what happened and why it was necessary to protect her?

• Why do most Disney movies involve the death of a parent (or both)? Seriously, why? I still cry for Bambi!

• So who was regent in Arendelle while the country waits for Elsa’s coming of age?

• Where did Anna get the money to buy the goods for Kristoff during their first meeting?

• Why did the people of Arendelle just believe Prince Hans and his proclamation that he married Anna and she just died? I mean, hello! Ask for proof! Where’s the clergy? How about the body?

• Am I only the one who finds Olaf annoying?

• True love! Blah, I’m sick of true love being the cure for everything.

• Oh…Anna just let Elsa go. I would have left her a long time ago. Let her be miserable in her ice castle.

• Hmmm…Elsa now has a super sexy gown. And here she wouldn’t give her blessing to Anna to marry Prince Hans. Maybe because she had plans of her own with him and the sexy gown.

• Sven! Seriously he’s the best thing about this.

• The trolls are annoying. I just don’t get their point of the story.

• A massive snow storm and Anna is calling Kristoff and he can hear. Yeah right.

• Oh wait…I like this true love!

I can see why Frozen became popular. Elsa and Anna solve their own problem, but even if you factor out the men, they still needed a man to get them to where they wind up. How else could Anna go find Elsa without an escort and one who knew how to travel in snow and the mountains? I still maintain Sven stole the show! I mean look at him!

Have you watched Frozen? If so, what did you think?

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  1. Julieann Dove

    Thank goodness! I agree with it all. What was all the fuss over, anyway? Perhaps that song had the ability to put people in some sort of trance. I fought through it, closed my ears, and ran out of the room. My poor children got sucked in, though. Still, no stuffed snowmen or blond Barbies around this house!

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