Confessions of a Hogwarts Newbie: The Goblet of Fire

March 6, 2016 Bookish Confessions 1

As several of you know, I’ve never read Harry Potter! I read The Sorcerer’s Stone in February 2014.

I’ll admit, I sort of found The Goblet of Fire to be a dead bore especially with regards to the quidditch section. I did appreciate the set up because it answered a few questions I had, but overall, I just didn’t like Goblet of Fire that much. The Triwizard Tournament was interesting especially the introduction of the other European Wizard schools.

Overall thoughts as I read:
• Poor Harry! I wish he had some support from the Dursleys especially when it comes to his scar.
• I enjoyed picturing Dumbledore sunbathing on a beach somewhere. LOL
• “Their attitude had changed since they had found out that Harry had a dangerous murderer for a godfather-for Harry had conveniently forgotten to tell them Sirius was innocent.” <–yes! Go Harry!
• I just adore the Weasley’s and I can imagine the letter Molly sent covered with stamps.
• Oh, I love Pig the owl!
• I love it when Arthur asks Harry for help with how to use money.
• Poor Dobby, wanting wages. And Winky is a bit annoying!
• Oh no! Did Winky really conjure up the mark of the Dark Lord or is she innocent?
• I’m concerned at how easy it is for others to get money out of Harry’s vault. Did he set up a list of approved users?
• Poor Ron and his dress robes! My heart aches for poor Mrs. Weasley who has to go buy secondhand items and then Ron doesn’t appreciate it!
• Oh my gosh, Peeves! Throwing water bombs and his only response is it doesn’t matter because their wet anyways!
• Oh no, Hermione! Leave it alone regarding the elves at Hogwarts.
• Heck yes, Moody! I love his “teaching” ways. LOL
• I love how serious Harry and Ron take Divination and are busy making up predictions.
• Here we go, Ron jealous at Harry and Hermione trying to defend Ron’s feelings. Can’t they put themselves in Harry’s shoes for a moment?
• Ugh, Rita Skeeter is annoying.
• “My own brother, Aberforth, was prosecuted for practicing inappropriate charms on a goat.”
• Oh wow, Myrtle is bold!
• Awwww, Dobby! “Harry Potter is brave and noble and Harry Potter is not nosy!”
• I’m not sure about Snape’s loyalty, but he has Dumbledore’s support.
• Ahhhhhh! Mrs. Weasley came to support Harry!
• “Lord Voldemort had risen again.”
• Oh, no! Did not see the Moody twist!
• “What was it that Snape had done on Dumbledore’s orders?” <—hmmmmm

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