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May 01

Postscript: January-April 2015

Wow! I just realized I haven’t done a proper postscript wrap up in a while. I also feel the need to apologize for the lack of updates on my part. I’m in a strange funk. I’m not sure if it’s because we had a really early spring on my side of the US (we’ve had spring like weather since mid-February and now getting summer temps) or if it’s just work related stress. That being said, I have a bunch of half written reviews and I’m hoping to get those up posted soon. Right now, it’s finding the time to do it all. Lit, etc is sporting a new look via a new header and I still trying to find a layout I can tweak a bit to reflect the new… Read more »


Jan 02

Postscript: November / December 2014

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 if an amazing year for all of you! As many of you know, my grandmother passed away in December and it’s been slow going. The tinkle in my dad’s eyes have dimmed, but overall we’re doing okay. It’s been a lovely time for reflection and it’s also been a time where the real intentions of people come out. I wrote about my grandmother and how she affected us here. So what’s next for the upcoming year? I’m super excited about 2015 because my sister graduates university (huzzah!) and I’m hoping this is the year I finally get back on track on working out. Blog wise-I’m really excited to get back into the swing of things. Here’s what you may have missed during the months… Read more »


Nov 05

Postscript: October 2014

Wow! Where did October go? October was a strange month for me in my personal life because at work we hosted a huge 2 day event for local homeless people. It was exciting to be a part of such an event and yet, I can’t help but feel extremely thankful that even at my lowest, I wasn’t quite where some of those attending are. It really did make me appreciate what I have a little more. On top of that, a case manager for the program I work for quit out of the blue and we were left with a huge mess. In any event, we’re back on track on work and hopefully this means I’m back on track here at Lit, etc. So while I’ve been dealing with work… Read more »


Oct 05

Postscript: September 2014

Happy October everyone! A brief reminder to take a look at the Giveaway Policy, if you haven’t already. All winners are listed there too. I usually give it a little more than 48 hours before I pick a new winner, but if I don’t hear from you within 7 days, chances are I’ve redrawn. Here’s what you may have missed in September! News and Features Musings: When Your Favorite Author Goes Off The Deep End Cover Reveal Hazel Gaynor’s A Memory of Violets Guest Post Tanya J. Peterson: My Characters Put Me Through The Emotional Wringer Excerpt Maya Rodale’s What a Wallflower Wants Books Reviewed 4/5: Annette Dashofy’s Circle of Influence 5/5: Kate Foryth’s Bitter Greens 4/5: Tanya J. Peterson’s My Life in a Nutshell 4/5: Lecia Cornwall’s What a… Read more »


Aug 31

Postscript: August 2014

Happy Labor Day everyone! Okay, I’m a day early, but since I’m under the weather (grr co-workers that go to work sick and infect healthy people), I wanted to get this up before I head back to bed. A few of you are familiar with the new feature, Books Ahoy!, that debuted on Thursday. If you’re an author or a reader who wants to participate, email me and I’ll send you the short questionnaire. 🙂 A brief reminder to take a look at the Giveaway Policy, if you haven’t already. All winners are listed there too. I usually give it a little more than 48 hours before I pick a new winner, but if I don’t hear from you within 7 days, chances are I’ve redrawn. Here’s what you may… Read more »


Aug 03

Postscript: July 2014

Happy August everyone! I hope July was good to you and if not, I hope August is better. My review mojo seems to be back (I hope) and I’m working on a few reviews and features. During the course of the month and even into September (and maybe October), I’m going to be working on overhauling Lit, etc. and that even includes maybe a new layout / header. I know there are tags that need to be cleaned up and added, etc. I’m also hoping to launch a new feature that both readers and authors can participate in. More about that feature a little later. In the meantime, here’s what you may have missed in July! News and Features Tips & Tricks: Amazon Alternatives One Liners: Tempting the Billionaire Top… Read more »


Jul 06

Postscript: June 2014

Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year? It feels as if March was just yesterday! Well, I went to Denver about 2 weeks ago to visit my sister and to see Def Leppard and KISS! They are on a tour together and it was a lot of fun! I grew up on classic rock and my dad used to quiz us a children who was playing on the radio. At times, I wish my dad had been there with us but when I got home I showed him the pictures and he pouted. Def Leppard had some funky lighting and it was tough to get some really good images of Joe Elliott. And really, Joe owned the night! He has his swagger on stage and just wow! Here… Read more »


Jun 01

Postscript: May 2014

May was rather quiet around here and apologize for that. As some of you know, I did go on a mini hiatus but only because I was going to be traveling for a week and then I got back and promptly got sick again. I have been reading and I’m currently trying to work my schedule around to write those 10 or so reviews and come up with interview questions, etc. June should be really interesting because at work we’re getting ready for an inspection (the joys of working non-profit and receiving government money) and I’m scoring student essays for a few hours each evening for a scoring company (just a few weeks and then it’s over). Hopefully during my downtime at work I can squeeze in some blogging. 😉… Read more »


May 04

Postscript: April 2014

May the 4th be with you! 😀 Happy May everyone! April was an interesting month in that I was became lost as a blogger. I confessed my guilt in Overcoming Blogger guilt and I feel a lot better getting all that off my chest. Still, I missed a few events in April and just realized I had an excerpt or two that I failed to post. I’ll be on a mini-hiatus May 10th-May 16th. I’m going to Denver to visit my sister because she got concert tickets (I’ll do a wrap up post when the time comes) and I’m not going to take my laptop. Sure, I’ll probably regret that decision once I get there, but I will have the Kindle Fire and if need be I can borrow hers…. Read more »


Apr 03

Postscript: March 2014

Where in the world did March go? I swear I blinked and it was April! Well, as you read in February’s Postscript post, I was recovering from bronchitis and guess what? Got hit again with round 2. Luckily though, this weekend marks a week since I finished my last round of meds and it looks like I’m in the clear! :crosses fingers: One of the downsides of working with the homeless is that you do get sick a lot because the guys that come into the office are ALWAYS sick. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of the things with regards to the regular features that sadly haven’t been updated regularly. I’ve had some down time at work so I’ve been busy making lists, etc. A quick reminder… Read more »


Mar 02

Postscript: February 2014

Happy March! Hope all of you are doing well, I’ve been recovering from a cold that left with me a cough that won’t go away. The good thing (I think) is I’ve been given antibotics to treat it, but the cough leaves me with little sleep at night. Let’s hope this all clears up soon. Just a heads up on a few changes that will be occurring over the next few days / weeks. Film Friday and One Liners will be back starting this week. I’m also thinking of introducing a few personal posts about life, etc. I just realized I don’t share much about myself and want you all to know me better. 🙂 So here’s what you may have missed in February 2014! News and Features Bookish Event:… Read more »


Feb 09

Postscript: January 2014

Happy February! For those of you who are single, never fear! The 14th is also International Book Giving Day! So while lovebirds are off celebrating love, let’s celebrate books! A few giveaways are scheduled to start this week and there’s still time to enter the Marci Jefferson giveaway for Girl on the Golden Coin. That giveaway is international and feel free to enter to win the book on behalf of a friend or family member who enjoys historical fiction. So here’s what you may have missed in January 2014! News and Features Bookish Confessions: Confessions of a Hogwarts Newbie-The Sorcerer’s Stone Part 1 The Round Table: Inscriptions Bookish Confessions: Confessions of a Hogwarts Newbie One Liners: Albert Camus’ The Stranger One Liners: Ray Bradburys’ Fahrenheit 451 The Round Table: Reading… Read more »