Guest Post: Valentine’s Day – Myth, Mystery or Money Making Machine by Derick Upton

February 14, 2013 Guest Post, holidays 0

I’m really excited about today’s very special guest post! It’s written by one of my favorite vampires, Derick Upton. Upton can be found in Melissa R. Smith’s Sanguine series and currently she’s offering Legacy for free at Smashwords using coupon code: WC87W.


Valentine’s Day – Myth, Mystery or Money Making Machine

Greetings, my friends.
Well, it seems I have been called upon to give insight into a topic which has confused and delighted humans for centuries, Valentine’s Day. The one day a year in which the idea of love is celebrated throughout the world. For humans, it can be a day of joy, to express to the one you love your unending devotion. Wedding vows are exchanged or renewed, proposals are made, cards sent, chocolates and roses delivered by the millions. For others, however, it is a day of morose bitterness, full of resentment, anger and loneliness. Bad memories of divorce, widowhood and unrequited love are revisited. Unwillingly, I might add. I dare one to name another holiday that is met with such a contrast of emotion.

The question was posed to me. Do Sanguines celebrate Valentine’s Day? I believe the answer lies solely with the individual. Some Sanguines are young enough to be familiar with many of the more modern traditions, while older Sanguines never participated while still human, therefore feel no need to start the practice as a Sanguine. In talking with many in my own territory in Scotland, the celebration of the day stands at around half, which does go well with the age grouping now registered in the territory.

How would a Sanguine go about celebrating the day (or evening, as it would be more comfortable at night)? American and some European Sanguines are much more traditional in the giving of flowers, candy (if their companion is still fully human) and cards of love. More than a few proposals of companionship and claiming are made during this time.

In other nations, this is not always the case. Scandinavian Sanguines for example, must fast for three weeks prior to the day. Believing that the celebration must be spiritual, not physical, it is forbidden to spill one drop of blood from their companion. Nor must they hunt at any time. (Scandinavian Sanguines do not import bagged blood and have no Sanguine clubs, feeding is 90% live donor/companion, 10% capture-consume)

Despite my interest in the whole concept of commercialism, I personally detest the thought of Valentine’s Day and if I could, I would stay inside, locked up for the full 24 hours of it. I, as many of my fellow Sanguines, have been one who has loved and lost, friends, and I certainly do not wish, nor appreciate a holiday that reminds me of that fact. However, it is not a good decision, business-wise, not to have my club open, as it generates a great amount of revenue. No matter what day of the week Valentine’s Day falls, the club is always open for feeding and claiming. Why, you may ask, would I be so opposed to a day in which love is celebrated?

Make no mistake; I am a fan of love. My dear friends, love is the greatest gift one creature – human or Sanguine – can give to another. For those who have felt true love, in its most basic and wonderful form, know the joy it brings. Should love be celebrated only on one day of the year? Certainly not. Love, in my opinion, isn’t just a one-day-a-year money pit, but something that must be given great reverence and respect. Yes, I take advantage, business-wise and if you wish to subscribe me a hypocrite, so be it. However one might feel, I see no end to the tradition. So, I advise, do what you wish with the holiday, humans and Sanguines alike. Be married, claimed, romanced, wined and dined. I celebrate for you and with you, as long as you spend money in my establishment.

But inside, alone, I will do what so many others do – drown myself in the indulgences of the flesh. And feast on fresh, virgin blood.

Ah yes, that’s much better.

Until we meet again,
Derick Upton
Reigning Elder – Southern Scottish Territory and
Human/Sanguine Relations Specialist for the Worldwide Coalition of Elders

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