Gillian Flynn Chicago Discussion of Gone Girl

March 5, 2013 Bookish Events 2

I’m excited to welcome the lovely Rachelle B as today’s guest blogger! She was kind enough to attend Gillian Flynn’s discussion and book signing in Chicago. If you’re wondering, I’m the friend who sent the book.

Credit: Rachelle B

Photo Credit: Rachelle B

On 2/13/13 I had the opportunity to hear Gillian Flynn speak at the Harold Washington Library. I had never read anything by this author, but a friend of mine in New Mexico is a huge fan, so I figured I’d check her out. My friend ended up sending me a copy of Flynn’s newest book, Gone Girl, so I definitely had to go now.

I’m so glad I did. Flynn is an entertaining and inspirational person. When asked when her interest in writing ‘darker’ books began, she told us that her very first short story was about a girl who ultimately gets eaten by wolves—she was in the 3rd grade.

What I found particularly interesting is that she worked for Entertainment Weekly magazine for ten years before becoming a published novelist. As someone who used to churn creative fiction/short stories out without issue, the research writing that grad school demanded of me took that creativity. In her case, it seemed to be the opposite. She was able to transition from journalism to fiction with ease. She said that it takes her about two years to write a novel and that by the end of the book her office flutters with post-it notes (her main way of taking notes and staying organized).

She is very personable, friendly, and outgoing. I am definitely going to check out her books, and the movie adaptations when those come out (She talked very little about the movies, as they are very much in the planning stage. She did confirm that she will be writing the screenplays and that Hollywood doesn’t want her to make any major changes to the plot.). —Rachelle B

The Society of Midland Authors & the Chicago Public Library recorded the event and you can listen to Gillian Flynn’s discussion and Q&A:
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2 Responses to “Gillian Flynn Chicago Discussion of Gone Girl”

  1. thefictionconniption

    Ah this is such a cool post! I would love to hear Gillian Flynn speak, Gone Girl totally blew my mind!! Have you read anything else by her? I’ve only read Gone Girl but I’d definitely be interested in reading more!

  2. Jessica

    I LOVED Gone Girl! No I haven’t read anything else of hers, but I have Sharp Objects on hold at the library. I listened to the recording of the Chicago signing and it was a lot of fun! She does seems like a fun author.

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