Cover Reveal: Rebecca Reid’s Thickets Wood

April 23, 2013 Reveals 2

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for book two in the Thickets Wood series. In reality, I’ve only been waiting a few months. I’m really excited for this exclusive cover reveal. Neil Shawcross designed the first cover for The Coop and it’s no surprise he designed the second. It’s stunning!





Series: Thickets Wood
Publication date: April 26, 2013
Genre: Psychological Thriller

When all seems dark, where is your escape?

He was her captor. A man damaged by tragedy, forcing her into a world of make believe. She became her own salvation. Her mind is both her torturer and the key to freedom through a world of her own creation.

Thatchbury is a village much like any other, yet beneath the surface flows a stream of angst and superstition. The shadow of Thickets Wood creeps amongst its people like a primeval mist, bringing torment and desperation.

Village life seems normal enough until the vanishing of Charlie Whitehall rekindles the myth surrounding the woods. As idle gossip spreads, lives are altered and innocence destroyed. No secret is ever safe. Could it be as they say − the spirit in the wood brings retribution?

Do Charlie Whitehall and young Tommy Tinkit come under its destructive power, driving their minds to despair, or is the darkness a consequence of their own guilt and fear?

1a79fe3c65a8e25761ded8bb3df28ed6About Rebecca
Rebecca Reid was withdrawn from school due to illness at fourteen. Being limited in the things she was able to do, she wrote all the time − poetry, stories, feelings, thoughts. At 16 she had her own page in the local weekly newspaper, the Bangor Spectator, in which she covered anything and everything: fashion, beauty, film, teen issues etc. At 17 she became a model, doing catwalk, photographic work, and TV. In 2008 she graduated in English from Queens University, Belfast, and she was awarded an Arts Council writing grant in 2009. Married in 2007, she lives in N. Ireland with her husband and their three daughters. The Coop is her first novel, and part of the Thickets Wood Trilogy.

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