Summer Lovin’: Book Bingo!

July 7, 2013 2013 Challenges 4

Huzzah! I have a blacked out bingo card! So the lovely ladies hosting Summer Lovin’ made a bingo card and let me explain how I completed mine.


1. Read a book – Read Eloisa James’ Once Upon a Tower

2. Do a challenge post – Participated in all challenges, but here’s a screenshot of book spine poetry

3. Send us a Tweet @ _RaTCentral_ – Tweeted about NetGalley

4. Post a picture of a book rainbow – Tweeted about the heroic Sir Wulfric:

5. Tell us what book you are reading – Tweeted about Silent in the Grave

6. Join a participation post – Participated in all of them, but here’s a screenshot of Day 1

7. Try your hand at Grease Lightnin’ Twitter Round – Participated in #SL rounds 8-19 & won in #SL9

8. Write down the name of all the FABULOUS featured authors – I wrote the names to friend on a postcard

9. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook – Followed on Twitter & liked the FB Page

10. Read a book, magazine, blog post, etc. – I decided to enjoy some eye candy while I read a magazine

11. Eat something sweet – Had a lovely slice of tres leches (3 milk) cake for a friend’s birthday on Wednesday. This one is a little too sweet, but it was good. Here’s the before picture

12. Take a picture of something you love – Tweeted a picture about my local library branch

13. Take a picture of the book you’re reading – Tweeted a picture of First Grave from the Right

14. Smile! (This space is for you already!) – 😀

15. Tell us who your favorite author is and why – Tweeted about Charles Finch

16-22. Visit and consider following Reviewing Wonderland, Love.Life.Read, Read. Sleep. Repeat, Tumbling Books, Oh, Chrys!, Shelf Addiction, Effortlessly Reading – Visited all and following via Twitter & Bloglovin

23. Read another book! – Finished Megan Miranda’s Hysteria

24. Do something outside if you can – Took the husky for walk around Albuquerque Academy

25. Post a picture of your favorite reading snack/drink – Nothing like a good cup of Lady Grey tea

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  1. Arlinda

    I am jealous you had tres leches without
    me! Must get a slice soon!!!

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