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July 10, 2013 Blog Tours, Guest Post 10

Today’s our stop on The Seen Trilogy blog tour! Today Cynthia is talking about virgin heroines and their appeal. I reviewed the trilogy separately, but here’s the direct link to all three reviews. I liked the series and hopefully you’ll be inclined to check series or at least weigh in regarding virgins. Also the giveaway is located at the bottom (good luck!).

watchesmeThe Appeal Of The Virgin Heroine

Anna, the heroine of He Watches Me, is a virgin. Virgin heroines are unusual in contemporary erotic romances but then, Anna is an unusual young woman. Due to her past, she doesn’t trust easily. She certainly doesn’t trust a man enough to let him inside her. She kisses with her mouth closed and her eyes open. She deliberately doesn’t put herself in situations where she’s alone with a bigger, stronger man.

Anna isn’t ignorant of sex. She lives in today’s world where sex is on the TV, in books, on the internet. She has likely done more research on sex and has thought more about her personal preferences than most women. She has used sex toys. She knows how to pleasure herself. She simply does it alone.

70.1% of women in the United States have had sex by age nineteen. That leaves 29.9% who haven’t had sex. I know virgins in their 20’s, 30’s, even in their 90’s. (When you write stories filled with sex, people tend to tell you all about their sex lives.) Their reasons are as varied and as unique as they are.

But these virgins DO have reasons, very strong reasons. It is difficult to be different without having a valid (to them) reason for being different. In the past, there were societal pressures to be a virgin. When I read a Regency Romance, I expect the heroine to be a virgin and am surprised if she’s not. In today’s world, there is peer pressure NOT to be a virgin. I assume heroines in contemporary romances have some sexual experience.

So when Anna introduced herself to me, using virgin as one of her descriptors, I needed to know why. I knew readers would also want to know why.

THAT is the appeal of the virgin heroine for me. She’s different. She’s waiting to have sex. What is she waiting for? Why is she waiting? Why hasn’t anyone been able to change her stance on waiting? Will the hero be able to change her stance? How and when will he make that happen? Will he WANT to change her mind?

If they have sex, what are the consequences? Will she be stronger or weaker for having changed her mind, her core beliefs? Will he treat her differently? How will their relationship change?

All of these questions are juicy and they’re one of the reasons I love writing and reading about virgin heroines.

Do virgin heroines appeal to you as a reader? Why?
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