Spotlight: Mark Capell’s Cafe Insomniac

September 4, 2013 Book Spotlight 1

I really enjoyed Mark Capell’s Vows to Kill and he has a talent for crafting intricate stories that make you question the main character’s reliability. Cafe Insomniac is his newest release and it’s currently 99 cents so if you’re into thrillers and suspense novels then I’m sure you’ll enjoy his books. I can’t wait to read this one!
cafeinsomniac Title: Cafe Insomniac
Author: Mark Capell
Genre: Suspense / Thriller
Publication Date: September 4th 2013

Synopsis: “The trick is not to fear the shadows but to embrace them… Night-time has become a good friend,” says Justin.

But for how long?

Twenty-five-year-old insomniac Justin Brooks opens an all-night café. But soon after opening, one of his customers is murdered.

The fallout from the murder makes his insomnia worse — much worse. It completely takes away his ability to sleep.

Strange things start to happen in Justin’s world, things that are hard to explain.

…..His eyes stream when it rains outside….. Another café appears, out of the fog, out of nowhere….. Footsteps follow him everywhere….. The dead person talks to him, though it’s not a ghost….. And a magician waits for him, perched on a high wire, high up in the night sky…..

Strange things indeed. But these strange things can’t possibly have anything to do with the murder.

Can they?

Nobody who visits Café Insomniac can ever look at the world in the same way again.

“I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t — and which is most dangerous.”

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