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Blog Tour: Review-E.L. Farris’s I RunTitle: I Run
Author: E. L. Farris
Genre: Fiction / Literature
My Rating: four-stars
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Synopsis: When Sally Lane Brookman gets hit by a Metro bus, it shatters her suburban world. But it does more than just damage her body; when she begins the long and painful process of physical recovery, she realizes that she’s broken in more places than any doctor could ever see.

Confronting addiction, abuse, mental illness, and a hell she can’t escape, Sally drags her past into her present and desperately tries to flee both. It’s not until she puts her future in danger that she realizes it’s finally time to slow down.

With exuberant energy, humor, and sometimes painful honesty, the quirky Sally takes the reader along on a modern odyssey: a sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

E.L. Farris’ I Run is an emotional journey as one woman tries to outrun her personal demons from the past and raise a family.

As far as characterization, we have good character development. Sally is our main character and she’s married and a mother to three children. She’s been struggling since the accident and it’s easy to like her. There’s some personal trauma that she’s been trying to remember and yet can’t. Then we have her husband William who at times comes off as passive and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around him and what he thinks of Sally. We have a variety of secondary characters who play a vital role including Sally’s mother who is a first grade bitch. Then we have Sally’s friend Beth who has cancer and is always there to listen to Sally.

Narration is first person and it makes sense since this is Sally’s story and journey. She’s a trustworthy narrator and your heart will break for both little and adult Sally. At times, I wanted to shake her to say that she’s doing more harm than good, but I then realized Sally needed to do things the wrong way in order to get on track. Her personal worries will become your own and it’s easy to identify with her frustrations. How many times have we questioned friendships and what people think of us? Sally is broken, there’s no question about it and she has chosen running as way to escape. We see her struggle trying to get back into running after her accident to her obsession with running more and more miles. It’s easy to criticize what she’s doing, but when everything comes together regarding her past, the running makes sense. If I can make one note, it’s that sometimes it was difficult to distinguish adult Sally from Little Sally, but it does become apparent as you read a scene.

If I could use one word to describe Farris’ I Run it would be: wow. It’s heartbreaking and painful at times to read, but nevertheless it’s engrossing. Farris has a unique ability to make you reflect about your own life as well as the scenes you’ve just read. Overall, you can’t help but feel sorry for both little and adult Sally. You’ll cheer, cry, and agonize with them and the decisions they make. If you walk away with anything after reading Farris’ I Run is that you probably know a Sally and they are looking for someone to offer them support. In I Run, Sally’s support doesn’t come directly from the people you think should be there to help her, but instead she struggles with her own painful memories with the help of a therapist. I can only hope that William realizes how awesome Sally is.

If you’re looking for a book where the heroine overcomes her past and is able to recognize what love means, then E.L. Farris’s I Run is your book. Please note: there are references to abuse and if you’re sensitive to that subject matter this may not be the book for you. Read a few reviews and if you can download a sample before reading.

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BlondeSally_lookingleftAbout E.L.
Like Sally Lane Brookman, E.L. Farris is a marathon-running suburban soccer mom, and her husband really does dream of shooting squirrels. They live in Virginia with their three children. E.L. loves to talk with readers (and she answers all of her correspondence personally!).

The cofounder of Bad Doggy Productions, E.L. is also the author of Ripple: A Tale of Hope and Redemption; Strays Welcome, the upcoming sequel to I Run; and Wave, the upcoming sequel to Ripple.

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