Book Review: Gretchen Archer’s Double Whammy

January 7, 2014 4 out of 5, review 0 ★★★★

Book Review: Gretchen Archer’s Double WhammyTitle: Double Whammy
Author: Gretchen Archer
Genre: Mystery
My Rating: four-stars
My Copy: Purchased
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Synopsis: Davis Way thinks she’s hit the jackpot when she lands a job as the fifth wheel on an elite security team at the fabulous Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. But once there, she runs straight into her ex-ex husband, a rigged slot machine, her evil twin, and a trail of dead bodies. Davis learns the truth and it does not set her free—in fact, it lands her in the pokey.

Buried under a mistaken identity, unable to seek help from her family, her hot streak runs cold until her landlord Bradley Cole steps in. Make that her landlord, lawyer, and love interest. With his help, Davis must win this high stakes game before her luck runs out.

Unemployed former police officer Davis Way is down on her luck when she gets a job too good to be true. Working undercover in a Biloxi casino Davis is given a set of instructions and that’s to figure out how a particular slot machine is won. At first Davis grudgingly takes on the job, but the further she digs the more she finds that some things just don’t make sense. For example, what does her ex-husband have to do with the slot machines? Suddenly Davis finds herself in too deep and when she’s arrested for attempted murder no one believes her story and to make matters worse, there’s questions surrounding her identity. Will Davis be able to prove her innocence before the real culprit skips town?

We have good character development. Davis isn’t your typical former police officer; not only does she have a degree in criminal justice but one in computer science. She’s also not one to shy away from a job even if she hates it and she relies on no one except herself. We have a wide array of secondary characters that play a role including the mysterious Bradley Cole. I won’t go into detail regarding his character because I had so much fun meeting him and I want you to experience it. The real treat was Davis’ sister and her family.

Narration is first person and at times it is hard to trust Davis as a narrator because she’s all over the place and by that I mean…it’s hard keeping up with her and her thought process. She’s always has one foot ahead of the reader and I really like how Archer set this up because everyone around Davis wonders what Davis is talking about. Like them, we are kept in the dark and it’s a fun and unique experience. If I have one small compliant it’s that we get too much personal history intertwined with the narrative. This can prove problematic in the long run especially new readers coming to the series and having to backtrack for information or the narrative can quickly grow stale with recycled information we already know. While I do appreciate getting to know how Davis became who she is, she spends a good amount of time talking about her ex Eddie that I wish we would have seen more of him. No doubt Archer plans a book dedicated solely to Eddie and perhaps his demise? Or is that wishful thinking?

As for the overall mystery we’re left with a few unanswered questions, but that’s okay. I won’t go into detail regarding the plot since I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say I didn’t see that coming even though I had my suspicions. There are also a few relationships that aren’t quite cleared up. Archer just makes a general assessment that so and so were in on it or had a history, but nothing is gone into detail. A little more information would have been nice.

Despite a few hiccups, Archer’s Double Whammy was such a delightful read. I can’t wait to read more in the series and of course spend more time with Bradley. If you’re a fan of amateur sleuths, you’ll really enjoy Gretchen Archer’s Double Whammy.

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