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January 24, 2014 Round Table 8

In our last Round Table discussion, I brought up signed books and if you read your copies. A lot of you said you read them and that made me feel better about reading them especially well loved copies that have been since signed.

Today, I’m wondering about inscriptions in those signed books. Do you prefer the standard signature only signed books or do you prefer something more personal? I personally prefer something more personal because I feel there’s more of a connection with an author besides the standard signature. I’m perfectly aware that authors (and really popular ones) are on a time limit especially at book signings. And yet, I admit to feeling a bit disappointed if all I get is my name and the author’s signature. Although I like the connection aspect of making it more personal, I adore the anticipation of going home to read what that inscription might say. It’s a special surprise!

While we’re on the topic of inscriptions, I treasure each signed book. My favorite inscription has to be that of Chelsea Cain. An ex-friend was at the same festival Cain was attending and took the time to get a book signed. One reason it’s a favorite is because I adore Archie from her Gretchen and Archie series (ah be still my heart).

As of late, I like getting inscriptions from a character although I feel bad because I tend to put the author on the spot and they aren’t sure what to say! Here’s an example of such and I felt horrible because Darynda was tongue tied. I told her I’m sure I’d keep her up all night thinking about what she should have written. This inscription comes from Reyes and if anyone has read her series, you know all about Reyes!

What about you? Do you have a favorite inscription?

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  1. Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

    Sadly, living in Australia, and then not living in one of the creative hubs (like Melbourne) means there are practically no opportunities for book signings. Which really sucks because I love (LOVE) signed books, and I think it’s so awesome when you have read this person’s words and loved those words and now they have signed the thing with the words inside it. I think it’s awesome. 😀
    I have a few signed copies, and one of my most coveted one is Legend by Marie Lu, which a blogging friend gave me for Christmas. I could not believe it when I opened it! There was even a little loveheart.
    But anyway. I think that a little note as well as a signature would be amazing. I think it’s more indicative that you have actually MET the author, and maybe even had a conversation with them about something. I own this secondhand signed book and it says ‘team Eric’ on it, and it’s kind of cool and weird at the same time knowing that they most likely spoke about Trueblood when the book was signed. But it means they had a conversation, and that’s amazing! It wasn’t just a ‘hi, sign my book, thanks, bye’.
    I’m going to the only book signing event that occurs in my city later this year and it just so happens that the author of my all time faovurite book is attending. Luckily she is Australian, haha. I really hope that I can actually strike up a conversation with her and have her sign something really meaningful in my favourite book. Here’s to hoping! 😀
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    • Jessica

      I live in a small metro city and Denver and Phoenix are the major cities near me which are a 6 hour drive. We still get bypassed though on occasion we do get someone big, but not very often. I have most of one collection signed by one of my fave authors, but I haven’t met him in person. We’ve chatted a bit on Twitter & Facebook and he was nice enough to let me send him my books to get signed and I paid for return postage.

      I understand how frustrating it can be and when you do see the announcement of a beloved author coming to town it is exciting! My past experience has been small chit chat though nothing major, but I will say a majority have been super nice! I hope your visit with your author is an amazing experience! 😀

      I think it’s cool you have a secondhand signed copy that says “team Eric!” I can’t imagine not keeping a signed book, but I have a few that I’ve thought of getting rid of (those are copies given to me by former friends). Although, I have a book where the author switched my copy and gave me someone’s used dirty copy and I’ve been waiting to replace it. I’m not sure how, but am toying with the idea of carefully tearing out the signed page.
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  2. Nikki @ The Paper Sea

    Signed books don’t really elicit much from me, but personalised books do. I absolutely treasure my personalised books, but the one that I only have signed and not inscribed kind of just sits at the same level as my non-signed books. I know that in years to come they might become worth a lot with a signature, but that doesn’t matter to me at all.

    I’d never really thought about getting an inscription from a character, but that’s a pretty cool idea!

    My favourite inscriptions (out of all of the two authors’ inscriptions I have, haha) are the ones from Patrick Ness. I felt a little bad waiting in line because it was only my second book signing ever and for the first one (David Levithan) I only brought one book to be signed because I wasn’t a huge fan, whereas with Patrick Ness I’d loved both A Monster Calls and More Than This so I’d brought those two, and also bought his Chaos Walking series, so he had quite a few to sign and I wasn’t sure of the etiquette! But as it turns out, I was the very last person in the queue and Patrick was lovely. He must have been tired from signing so many books but he really took the time to chat with me, and I think a little more time than with the others because there was no one else waiting in line. Every time I look back at those inscriptions I’m just filled up with so much awe and love, in a way. They remind me exactly of that meeting, because each inscription refers to what we were talking about at the time. It showed me that Patrick was really listening to me.

    Gah, sorry for the gushing! I suppose it shows how strongly I care about inscribed books though. 😉
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    • Jessica

      Super jealous of your Patrick Ness signed book! You know…that’s a plus of being one of the last few people in the line to get something signed because you can talk a little more. I know how it feels to be unsure of how many books to bring. I always check with the venue regarding their policy, but when Deanna Raybourn came to town I felt bad because I was the only one with all 7 of her books! She happily signed them and I waited to be one of the last in line.

      I agree about personal inscriptions. They mean more than just the basic signature, but I understand if an author is pressed for time when I get the basic name and author signature. I’ll admit those disappointment me, but it’s okay.
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  3. Francine Soleil

    I haven’t really met any author or got anything signed. The only ones I have are from Kate Evangelista because she resides in our country, and I love how she writes stuff inside the book before sending them out to us. They’re not all personalized, but at least they’re something. 😀 I think inscriptions definitely make it a lot better.
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    • Jessica

      I live in a small metro city where the two major cities near me (Denver & Phoenix) are about a 6 hour drive and everyone tends to bypass us. Although on occasion I do see someone big coming to town. My first signed book was Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol and it was because I won that in a scavenger hunt. The rest I’ve had signed by accident (or more like they stopped in town) or the author was nice enough to let me send them to them to get signed and a few have been signed by friends more me. I understand how frustrating it can be, but then I can’t complain because I can get something signed. I wish I could bring authors to you.
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  4. Stormy

    The idea of getting an inscription from a character is really cool! I keep trying to get up the nerve to ask an author to sign/ on the actual hardback of a book, instead of on the title page, just because I think it would look cool. I love the inscriptions that Marissa Meyers typically uses when signing the Lunar chronicles books–she rotates a few, but they all play on the fairytale themes. I went to a signing for Kasie West once, and it was really small, so I got to chat with the authors just a little bit more than normal, I think, and she wrote a thank-you note in my book for telling her how much I loved her books and chatting with her about certain aspects of The Distance Between Us.
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    • Jessica

      Oooooh, I like that idea of getting the actual hardback signed! If you ever do end up doing it let me know! I personally love inscriptions that are more personal. One of my fave authors, Charles Finch, does two things. The first, he tends to write a personal note on the first blank page that is dated plus includes his first name and then on the title page he signs it. I treasure those books. I know some authors are pressed for time, but I do like something other than just their signature.
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