Confessions of a Hogwarts Newbie: The Sorcerer’s Stone Part 2

February 17, 2014 Bookish Confessions 2

As you several of you know, I’ve never read Harry Potter nor have I seen the films. I finished the second half to The Sorcerer’s Stone and I liked the pace a little better.

What I really liked was seeing and experiencing Hogwarts at the same that Harry does. All the information he has to go on is based on what Ron tells him and of course Ron gets his info from his brothers. Hands down I loved the sorting hat scene! It was so much fun to read about. My next favorite has to be Christmas and I loved how Ron’s mother made a sweater for Harry! Most importantly I loved, loved, loved Harry receiving something that belonged to his father.

Overall thoughts as I read:
• Sorting hat scene = fun!

• Ah poor Harry thinking they might need to take a rabbit out of the hat.

• Hmmm…Harry does not to go to Slytherin. I’m going to have questions regarding this decision and if was the best one.

• Broomstick class and Harry is a natural!

• hahaha, boys being boys locking a girl in the bathroom. At least they went int to save Hermione.

• SNAPE! Re: Quidditch game

• Ooooh the Mirror of Erised

• A mystery! Who is Nicolas Flamel?

• Awww Hagrid and the dragon egg.

• I love Hermione’s reasoning, “Hagrid, you live in a wooden house.”

• Poor unicorn! 🙁

• Whoa-Quirrell! Did not see that coming.

• The whole Snape knowing Harry’s father makes sense.

I planned on reading The Chamber of Secrets right away, but there’s a bit of a request line at the library. Hopefully I’ll get a copy before the month is over.

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  1. Farzy @ Boooks Keep Me Sane

    It’s been years since I read Harry Potter and still feels like yesterday. I love this series so much I ugly-cried in the theater while watching HPDH part2! And of course, I love the book too! The book is always better although I was glad that the movie stayed as loyal to the book as possible.
    I hope you enjoy the HP series as much as I did. 😀
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