Me & Exotic Cuisine: The Truth

March 5, 2014 Musings 4

In the February wrap up post I mentioned doing a bit more personal blog posts and this is one of them.

I wish I was adventurous when it comes to my palate. I’ve often thought I’d be that person who wouldn’t turn up her nose at some foreign dish, but alas I’m not. I’m not going to be that girl who announces “I’m ordering Ethiopian for lunch. Do you want anything?” You may be asking yourself what brought this on and it was yesterday’s lunch. A co-worker was saying he was craving a sandwich from this Vietnamese restaurant that another co-worker took him to. Being the admin assistant for a non-profit means I’m often stuck having someone pick up an order for me if I forget lunch or wait until everyone in the office returns so I can sneak out. It was going to be one of those days where I’d be stuck and I was starving. I handed them money and waited to see what they brought me. Until yesterday I hadn’t eaten Vietnamese before.

They brought me Banh Mi Thit Nuong which is a Vietnamese sandwich with grilled pork. It had cucumbers, carrots, lemongrass, sliced jalapeños and cilantro with a sauce. It was good, but I couldn’t help but think I might be eating the husky! I know dog meat in some countries is ah enjoyed, but I couldn’t enjoy the sandwich without thinking of the husky. I forced half the sandwich down and then saved the rest for my dad since he said it looked good. I was brought this spring roll and I couldn’t eat it because the bean sprouts looked like worms and that freaked me out. I could not get past that. Plus I was trying to figure out if you could eat the shell which turns out you can.

And as much as I wanted to enjoy the meal I really couldn’t. So there…I won’t be that adventurous girl eating, craving, and enjoying lovely foreign meals. That makes me sad.

What about you? Are you a fan of foreign meals? If so, what’s your favorite?

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  1. anna@herding cats & burning soup

    LOL I have some of the same issues as you do. I get to thinking and then…just can’t finish. Usually that has to do with dairy like milk or yogurt. (I can eat cheese usually with no prob) but I start thinking those two and puss and then well it goes downhill from there. ::snort::

    I’m semi-adventurous? I want to be at least. But I have my limits since I don’t eat meat and that cuts way back on a lot of foreign meals out there and I can’t do spicy foods because it just hurts my mouth. So maybe not too adventurous. Ah well.
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  2. Amanda

    I am super unadventurous with food. I am the pickiest eater I know! I am a vegetarian, which means I really have certain things I can’t be adventurous with, but that’s not an excuse, because even before I was vegetarian I was picky.

    The funny thing is, when my fiance and I were in Epcot and going around to all the different countries, we had decided we would get lunch in the world showcase. After looking at all the menus of all the different countries, we ended up eating at the American restaurant… we were afraid to try anything new.

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