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April 21, 2014 Essentials 0

Have you ever wanted to read an established author, but not sure where to start? Fear no more! The Essentials is a showcase spotlighting a specific author or series. This feature might even include non-bookish related items such as films or music.

Our second author featured on The Essentials, is Elizabeth Thornton. The romance world lost a really good historical romance author in 2010. She wrote 31 novels and it was her husband that typed them since she hand wrote all her manuscripts. When it comes to historical romance authors, she’s not one that makes everyone’s list and several historical romance fans have never heard of her. The first book of hers that I picked up was by accident. I was at Borders (sniff sniff) and a new release at the time wasn’t available, but saw Thornton’s The Bride’s Bodyguard on sale for $3.99. I bought it and quickly went back to read her backlist. I miss her writing.

Dangerous to Hold / Goodreads
I love revenge stories and this is one of the best I’ve read. Both Marcus Lytton and Catherine Courtnay have revenge on their mind, but of course, each takes place at different times. This one is a bit far fetched with regards to the plot (not really saying much since I don’t want to spoil it), but I enjoyed it. There’s one scene that stands out and it involves Catherine declaring that she’ll take a bullet by saying, “rather me than him.” Ah, time for a reread.

Strangers at Dawn / Goodreads
When Sara Carstairs is acquitted of murder, Max Worthe vows to find the proof of her guilt. I’d like to say this is one of those hate / love romances, but it’s more about two people who need to find the courage to confide and trust each other. There are a lot of family secrets here and there’s a bit of a mystery to solve. Ultimately, I was surprised at the ending and this is one of my constant rereads.

Tender the Storm / Goodreads
Thornton is one of those authors who is very detailed with her research and this is one is no exception. Zoe Deveraux is smuggled out of France during the height of the Revolution by Rolfe Brockford, Marquess of Rivard who is working undercover. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding and some frustrating scenes where Rolfe doesn’t stand by Zoe, but you’ll be cheering her on when she finally puts her foot down. Rolfe will need to grovel to win Zoe back and ah I just love this one!

You Only Love Twice / Goodreads
If you’re a fan of romances where the hero doesn’t realize he loves the heroine, then this one is for you! Jessica Hayword returns to Hawkshill Manor, but there’s one slight problem, she’s lost her memory. Lucas Wilde is no longer the penniless boy in the village, but now a powerful earl and he lost the woman he loved when Jessica accused him of compromising her. Jessica believes Lucas murdered her father and Lucas will do anything to prove his innocence.

The Perfect Princess / Goodreads
If you were to ask me which of Thornton’s heroes is my favorite, I’d say Richard Maitland. I love how cranky he is and he’s a man who has worked his way up to hold the position he holds. What I really like about The Perfect Princess is that Thronton gave us two very different people who happen to fall in love. I love the intrigue and the romance between Rosamund and Richard. Mostly, I love how capable Rosamund becomes and the freedom she’s able to experience for the first time.

Have you ever read any of Elizabeth Thornton’s books? If so, which of her books would make your essentials list?

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