Postscript: April 2014

May 4, 2014 Postscript: Monthly Recap 2

May the 4th be with you! 😀 Happy May everyone! April was an interesting month in that I was became lost as a blogger. I confessed my guilt in Overcoming Blogger guilt and I feel a lot better getting all that off my chest. Still, I missed a few events in April and just realized I had an excerpt or two that I failed to post.

I’ll be on a mini-hiatus May 10th-May 16th. I’m going to Denver to visit my sister because she got concert tickets (I’ll do a wrap up post when the time comes) and I’m not going to take my laptop. Sure, I’ll probably regret that decision once I get there, but I will have the Kindle Fire and if need be I can borrow hers.

So overall, April was an interesting month. A seven year friendship came to an end (and as an older co-worker put it when he asked what was wrong & I explained things, “there’s a season for everything.” Oh how right he is! Was a time traveler (more on that later), lost my review mojo (if you see it can you send it back?), and have started cheating on my signature scent (yup I changed perfumes!). That’s in a nutshell my life these past few weeks and here’s what you may have missed during the month of April on Lit, etc.
News and Features
Bookish Event: World Book Night Wrap Up
The Essentials: Elizabeth Thornton
One Liners: Gone With the Wind
Musings: Overcoming Blogger Guilt
About Me: Happy Birthday

Cover Reveals
Ashley Simone’s Whatever it Takes
Kim Harrison’s The Witch With No Name
Stacey Kennedy’s Freed
Monica Murphy’s Intoxicated
Megan Erickson’s Make it Count
Danielle Young’s Guided

Lisa Desrochers’ A Little Too Hot Dream Cast Blitz
Live-the Burnside Series

Guest Post
Julie Anne Long: From Rabbits to Regency Rogues

Author Interview
Catherine McKenzie

Christina Lee’s Wisher to Me
Monica Murphy’s Intoxicated
Megan Erickson’s Make it Count
Between the Devil and Ian Eversea

Books Reviewed
2/5: Pamela DuMond’s The Story of You and Me
4/5: Catherine McKenzie’s Hidden
4/5: LynDee Walker’s Small Town Spin

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