Challenge Accepted: Michael Olajide, Jr’s Sleekify

June 1, 2014 books 1

In early January of this year, I received a copy of Michael Olajide, Jr.’s Sleekify from Random House (he’s the guy who trains Adriana Lima, the beautiful Victoria Secret’s model). I’ve been waiting to see what others say about his book and really want to take what he says and use it.

About a year ago, I suffered an injury to my left thigh (pulled a muscle in the back) and sort of didn’t bother working out afterwards because it was too painful. By then I had lost about 60 pounds and even though the weight loss was pretty much stalled, I was losing inches and clothes fit better, but it’s easy to get discouraged when you aren’t seeing the scale move. I’ve been wanting to get back into working out and it’s been a hassle with starting a new job, the bronchitis coming and going, and suffering another bout of it this past week, but I’m angry at myself for not keeping up with my workouts in some format. I worked really hard to lose those 60 pounds only to gain them back.

My go to video goddess is Jillian Michaels! I love her 30 Day Shred (even though I never got to the third workout), but I love it because it’s quick and easy and it’s a great way to jump start your workouts. While I want to do the Shred, I have this great opportunity to review Olajide’s book and what better way to do it than to actually attempt it. Several blogs have commented on it, but not many have followed up with results, etc. and I want to change that.

I’m not going do all 8 workouts in a month cycle, but instead will do what he suggests of using each workout for a month and then moving on the next for four weeks. See, you all will be my reason for doing this and holding me accountable! Holy smokes, things are about to get real! Hopefully I won’t forget to check in. 😉

If anyone wants to do it with me, let me know and I’ll hold your hand when you want to cry! You don’t have to do Sleekify with me, feel free to do any workout you want. Let’s do it together and see where we are in a few months. Up for the challenge?

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  1. Arlinda

    I’ll cry with you Jess after we’re complete exhausted from working out.

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