Book Review: Jessica Lemmon’s The Millionaire Affair

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Book Review: Jessica Lemmon’s The Millionaire AffairTitle: The Millionaire Affair
Author: Jessica Lemmon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Rating: five-stars
My Copy: ARC via NetGalley
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Synopsis: Millionaire ad executive Landon Downey has a policy: no romantic relationships allowed. So when he's saddled with his six-year-old nephew for a week, he doesn't think twice about asking Kimber Reynolds to act as live-in nanny. What he doesn't expect is the undeniable attraction to the woman he hasn't seen since they were kids. And not only does she like him back-she suggests they work their way down a list of extracurricular activities in the bedroom. How can he resist?

Kimber wants to prove once and for all that she can love 'em and leave 'em with the best of them. All she has to do is keep her sixteen-year crush on Landon out of the equation. No problem . . . until she realizes she may not be the only one whose heart has gotten completely tangled up in their no-strings agreement.

Jessica Lemmon’s The Millionaire Affair is the third book in her Love in the Balance series and it’s her best to date! If you haven’t read any of the books in the series, never fear! It’s not necessary to have read them in order to enjoy The Millionaire Affair and besides, it’s a perfect excuse to read her backlist because you’ll be left wanting more.

We have good character development. Kimber Reynolds accepts the short term position as a live in nanny in order to buy out her ex-boyfriend from the business they co-own. She’s very capable and one that works hard, but also realizes she may be in over her head. While she’s not one to easily ask for help, she’s not one to turn away when it is offered. Then we have Landon. Oh, I’ve made no secret of my love for him (sorry Shane!) and I loved getting to know him better. Landon is very much the opposite of his brother Aiden (Hard to Handle); whereas Aiden is comfortable showing emotion, Landon keeps to himself, but there’s a reason and it’s a heartbreaking one. We have several secondary characters that play a role including the other Downey brother, Evan. Though the big scene stealer? Lyon! I just adore this six-year-old who’s obsessed with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

What I really loved about The Millionaire Affair is Lemmon’s ability to make us laugh and her writing is very natural. Once again, Lemmon gives us a flawed hero who isn’t afraid to confront his fear when the time comes. What I adore about Lemmon’s writing is that it was very easy for her to go the clichéd route several times in The Millionaire Affair and yet, she doesn’t. We understand early on why Landon closes himself to relationships and when someone from his past makes an unexpected appearance, it’s easy to make the connections between the past and the present. I worried for a bit at how Lemmon was going to handle this situation, but I shouldn’t have doubted her because she has yet to make me roll my eyes or throw a book at the wall. I won’t go into detail regarding the incident because it would be a huge spoiler, but let’s just say, I appreciated the character growth at that particular moment.

Readers of romance are fully aware of the moment where the hero and heroine separate because of a misunderstanding, etc and often times, the author quickly wraps up the conflict in the final pages. Lemmon isn’t one of those authors. While she does let her characters wallow in self pity for a bit, she pulls out the big guns and the voice of reason comes through. There were several instances where Kimber and Landon could have walked away or taken a misunderstanding to another level, but instead we get two characters who actually talk. This is one reason why I just adore Lemmon’s writing. Furthermore, there were several hilarious scenes and some fun family teasing. I mentioned six-year-old Lyon being the scene stealer and while he is, I have to say, you’ll love the Downey family! Evan’s presence at Landon’s penthouse while Kimber is living there was fun to read because it provided more insight to the lives of the Downey clan. I’m a little sad I can’t be a part of this family!

If you’re a fan of contemporary romances or are looking to try a new author, I highly recommend Jessica Lemmon’s The Millionaire Affair. Tempting the Billionaire made me take note, Hard to Handle put her on my auto-buy list, but it’s The Millionaire Affair that made me a fan for life.

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