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July 3, 2014 Literary Cuisine, Promo Blitz 0

Love at first sight: Urban legend?
Ahh … that wonderful, mysterious thing every woman has dreamt of/wished for since she was a little girl. I believe we can thank Disney for that. But does it actually exist? Sure, we know without a doubt that there is lust/attraction at first sight, but it’s impossible for it not to. You see someone, they’re attractive to you, and instantly your body and mind go into overdrive thinking about a way to introduce yourself … every so slyly, of course! But I’m talking about love. That moment where everything seems to fade away except for the person in your line of sight. That moment when your heart starts pounding in a way you’ve never felt. That moment when you see your future with this person flash before your eyes. Does it happen?

I like to think so.

That happened with my husband, and it also happened for my mom with my dad. I was eighteen when I met my husband at the beach on a Marine Corps base, and I just knew. I told my roommate when we left that afternoon: “I’m going to marry that boy someday.” And I married him a little over a year later. My mom was in high school when she met my dad at a house party, and that night went home to tell her mom: “I met the guy I’m going to marry.” Granted, she was secretly in love with him for years before he realized he was in love with her too, and now they’ve been married for over thirty years.

It just so happened for my mom and me that there was a party or BBQ going on when these encounters happened. (My hubby’s friends were all barbecuing on the beach, but we walked away and spent hours just talking.) So it seems that I’m partial for my characters meeting in these type of settings too. (Hell, apparently Shakespeare was too! Can we say Romeo & Juliet?) There’s something about a party that makes things like this possible. You meet new people, there’s a relaxed atmosphere, and there’s almost an excitement in who you may or may not see—especially the new possibilities! And that opportunity seemed too perfect to pass up for Brody and Kamryn at Kinlee’s BBQ. Even if their situations were different from mine or my mom’s. Even if their love was forbidden. Even if it was the last thing either of them were expecting or even wanted.

Love hits you when you least expect it, and it’s never exactly how we planned it out in our minds—but that’s the beauty of it. The unexpected, the possibilities … all of it is so perfect in it’s own way, just as Brody and Kamryn’s was.

Molly’s Daily Question: Have you ever experienced this not-so-myth called: Love at first sight?

P.S. The day Kamryn and Brody meet, Kamryn has a bunch of her cupcakes with her! (Well, duh, Molly … when doesn’t she?) But if you want a FABULOUS triple chocolate recipe, here you go:

1 pkg. chocolate fudge cake mix
1 pkg. chocolate fudge pudding mix
4 eggs
1-16 oz. container of sour cream
½ cube of melted butter
½ cup of water
½ cup vegetable oil
12 oz. chocolate chips (rub flour over chips so they won’t sink)

Mix everything together except the chocolate chips
Once smooth, add chocolate chips covered in flour, stir in
Pour into greased cupcake pan
Put in pre-heated oven of 350 degrees
Check with toothpick at 20 minutes, if not ready, continue checking every 3 minutes.
(if you want to make as cake, put in bundt pan and bake for 45-50 min)
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