Book Review: LynDee Walker’s Devil in the Deadline

January 12, 2015 4 out of 5, review 2 ★★★★

Book Review: LynDee Walker’s Devil in the DeadlineTitle: Devil in the Deadline
Author: LynDee Walker
Genre: Mystery
My Rating: four-stars
My Copy: ARC courtesy of Henery Press
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Synopsis: When the Richmond police offer an exclusive in exchange for help with a case, nothing—not even a costume party—stops crime reporter Nichelle Clarke from making Manolo tracks to the crime scene. The hunt leads her to a televangelist’s compound in the Virginia countryside where the Reverend may be more interested in fat stacks of cash than he is saving wayward souls.

With two sexy guys tangled up in Nichelle’s story—and in her heart—work and love are on a crash course for disaster. Pressure pours in from every corner, including a faceless new competitor that means the deadline is always five minutes ago. As secrets threaten and the truth becomes her lifeline, Nichelle must unmask the killer and nail down the story before she’s snared in the carefully-constructed web.

Nichelle Clarke is back and once again deep into an investigation. This time she’s covering the horrific death of a young homeless girl. If you haven’t read any books in the Headlines in High Heels series, don’t fret. It’s not necessary to enjoy LynDee Walker’s Devil in the Deadline, but I do suggest reading the backlist or at least the first in the series so you understand who’s who and what relationships they are.

We continue to have good character development. I personally enjoyed getting to know more about Nichelle’s background and liked that parts of her past had some connections to her current investigation. Most characters from the previous novels make an appearance although I missed the interactions with Parker. I’ll admit, I was surprised to see Shelby’s personal growth and really liked it! I’m left wondering where Walker is going with this and hopefully Shelby doesn’t throw Nichelle under the bus.

As for the overall mystery…it was interesting with regards to the investigation of a television evangelist and it wrapped up nicely. In Devil in the Deadline, this really is a Nichelle solo investigation, but she brings along Kyle for assistance. I really liked that she had exclusive access to details regarding the crime, but admit I missed seeing Charlie (a local news anchor and Nichelle’s rival) make an appearance. If I have one small complaint it’s Nichelle’s ability to find a needle in a haystack early on and 99% of the time she’s right. Granted, I’d rather have her be right than run around in circles until she figures it out, but I just wish at times Walker wasn’t so straightforward with the facts because it takes the fun out of the mystery. While we’re on the journey with Nichelle and find out facts as they become available, knowing Nichelle’s “hunch” about a person, situation, or corporation just makes things a bit predictable.

And if you’re wondering about Nichelle’s love life…I’d like to tell you the wait is over, but nothing has been decided. Joey fans will rejoice for a bit with regards to a particular scene (lucky Nichelle), but Kyle isn’t going away anytime soon. Nichelle is conflicted over which one to pick and while it’s an easy choice for me, I know it’s not easy for her. There’s a particular scene involving Kyle and he asks her what she knows exactly about Joey; that scene is vey telling and ultimately tells us a lot despite what Nichelle wants us to believe. At some point in time, Walker is going to have break down and give us exactly what Kyle wants to know. While I’m team Joey, I can’t help but want to keep him in the shadows and worry the truth might be more than Nichelle (or I) can handle.

Overall, I really enjoyed LynDee Walker’s Devil in the Deadline. It was a fast paced read and I really liked the various twists and turns. I can’t wait for the next in the series and see if Nichelle has made a decision.

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