Dear Secret Sister #2

April 20, 2015 Musings 0

#OTSPSECRETSISTER is hosted by On the Same Page. It’s a six month “Secret Santa” type of set up, but instead of focusing on gifts, it’s a cheer club. Everyone is paired up and throughout the round, cards, little gifts, and cheer are sent. For more information about the set up and how to join the next round, see this post over at The Book Addicts Guide.

Dear Secret Sister:

Hiya! Hope all is well with you. I heard you’ve been under the weather so hopefully, you’re feeling better.

I failed to properly thank you for my first official gift, the Kindle copy of Bruce Holsinger’s A Burnable Book. I haven’t read it yet, but funny enough a friend recently gifted me a hardcover copy. I laughed because obviously it should be read! I will read my Kindle copy and just shelve the hard copy. And, ahhhhh! Thank you for Noelle August’s Boomerang! I finished it last week and I wish I had read this before Rebound because I do think it would have changed my overall review.

Thank you so much for my March package! I actually got to wear the gloves last week when the temp dropped a bit and it was super cold in the morning. I got lots of compliments at work and a co-worker’s daughter was visiting and she tried to steal them! Then again she’s like 5. LOL! Cat Winter’s In the Shadow of Blackbirds has been on my TBR list for a while. One of my good friends read it and didn’t like very much, but I’ve heard some really good things about it. And, thanks for including the husky! She was nice enough to share with my parents dogs. I know it’s hard to shop for people with different animals from your own. I used to have a cat and she was my princess. I miss her very much so lots of love to your cat!

otsp_secretsister03 (here the husky is trying to open the bag)

otsp_secretsister04 otsp_secretsister05
And, I have no words for the special birthday package that was waiting for me! Great timing-it arriving on my birthday! I took my time opening everything and squeeeeeeeeeeee! I was so excited to own my own Sven and I was hoping I’d come across him when I went shopping with my friend A last week. We didn’t see him and I was a bit sad, but look at that, he was waiting for me! A funny note on the rawhide bone-the husky loves rawhides! To the point that she guards them with her life (I mean try to take one away and you will pay. LOL). So when she saw what was in the box, naturally she was trying to take it off the coffee table. When that failed she placed herself to block anyone from getting near the coffee table.

Seriously, thank you so much for thinking of me and I have to show you where I’ve placed Sven once I figure out if he’s staying home (more than likely) or going to work with me (probably not).

The reason I asked if you were open to mysteries because I adore Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey series. It has a bit of romance, a mystery, and a hero that makes my heart hurt because I want Brisbane! Definitely start with the first book and work your way down. I began this series one day when I had jury duty and pretty much finished the series in a week. I’m so sad there won’t be any more books in the series, but Raybourn is coming out with a new mystery series in September. Perhaps it’s something we can get excited about?

You asked when you should reveal yourself and I think it’s totally up to you! I’m totally happy with whatever way or day you opt to say “hey, it’s me.” Ahhhh, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve talked in some format?

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