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June 9, 2015 Bright Lights 0

On Monday, May 18th, teenager me was super excited to see Bryan Adams live in concert! Probably revealing my age here, but I remember when I was 13 years old and being the coolest girl in the grade because I was the only one in town (a small town outside El Paso, Texas) with Adams’ Waking up the Neighbors! I lived for that moment of awesomeness until I was quickly dethroned for some other fad that I don’t remember. I kept up with Adams and his career for a few years up until I was in university and then I just moved on to other things, but still I considered myself a fan of his (and still do).

badams01 badams02

Monday night was a dream come true! Thirteen year old me squealed with delight and couldn’t wait for 8 pm. At about 3 pm, I noticed clouds moving into the city, but the weather forecast was just indicated winds. By the time we got to the venue which was an amphitheater right outside Sandia Casino & Resort (less than a 15 minute drive from the house), it was sprinkling. I really didn’t worry much about the weather since I know typical Albuquerque weather. We can have lots of wind and clouds that look like they’re about to burst with rain drops, but then nothing happens.

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The staff at Sandia was ready for the weather and once we entered the amphitheater, we were given ponchos for free. My sister and I took our seats and waited. By 8:15 pm, we knew something was up since an opening act hadn’t taken the stage and we weren’t sure if he was going to have anyone. By 8:40 pm, the crowd was getting anxious and the winds were still picking up with a few sprinkles here and there.

Adams took the stage at about 9 pm and into the fifth song, I noticed lightening. He finished the sixth song and walked off along with his crew and by then the winds were gusting and it began to drizzle. I’d say about 5 minutes after he walked off stage an announcement was made that we needed to exit the venue and head into the casino for cover. By 10 pm, the show was officially canceled.

badams05 badams06

While I really sad to see it over, I totally understand the issue of safety. My sister and I returned home just in time for the storm to really hit and I can’t imagine being caught in that weather at the time of the show. A lot of people were saying Adams needed to grow a pair and just perform, but anyone who knows New Mexico weather knows it can turn ugly and violent quickly especially these spring storms.


I was really looking forward to hearing Kids Wanna Rock, It’s Only Love, Somebody, Summer of 69, (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, Cuts Like a Knife, and Please Forgive Me. He sang six songs which were:
01. Reckless
02. One Night Love Affair
03. She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancin’
04. Run to You
05. The Boys Night Out
06. Heaven

What struck me about Adams is how much he sounds the same whether it be on a digital track or live. He had so much energy too! I love it when artists really love what they do and you can tell that thirty / forty years later, he’s still into it.

badams10 (The amphitheater sits empty after we’re told to evacuate due to weather. A few people waited to see if the decision would be overturned.)

There were a lot of jokes regarding the weather afterwards. Jokes such as, “Reckless weather cancels Reckless tour” to “Guess it wasn’t summer of 69 weather.” I told my sister as we walked to the car that the cancellation “cut like a knife (groans).” My sister got retweeted by Adams regarding the evacuation and even replied to her tweet.

Sadly, we just heard yesterday that Adams and his management aren’t rescheduling. The show is labeled as officially canceled and we’re getting refunds. Hoping to see him at a later date or perhaps he’ll decide to plan another stop because I’d love to see a full performance!

Have you seen Bryan Adams in concert or enjoy his songs? If so, do you have a favorite song of his?

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