Dear Secret Sister #5

November 9, 2015 Musings 0

#OTSPSECRETSISTER is hosted by On the Same Page. It’s a six month “Secret Santa” type of set up, but instead of focusing on gifts, it’s a cheer club. Everyone is paired up and throughout the round, cards, little gifts, and cheer are sent. For more information about the set up and how to join the next round, see this post over at The Book Addicts Guide.

Dear Secret Sister:

I did this last round with my then Secret Sis and had planned on doing it again, but as you know life gets in the way. I wanted to thank you for the thoughtful packages! I love the hints you’ve included as to your identity and admit, I have NO IDEA who you are!

August’s package was awesome! The funny thing is-my comforter is a fox / owl theme and I laughed when I saw the owl pillow! It was perfect! I have to show you a picture of it on the bed, etc. I love the mug! It’s the one I use at work most often and I’ve received nothing but compliments on the scarf!

sept01 sept02
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh September’s package! Thank you so much for the Sherry Thomas book and ARC! I adore her! I need to tell you the story of pinto beans and her first historical! Okay, so when I was working on my postgrad degree in Glasgow, her debut, Private Arrangements came out. I was dying to read it and as it happens, my last student loan check hadn’t come and I was broke as can be. In order to afford to buy it, I ate pinto beans for almost a month! A MONTH! It was so worth it and I told Sherry that story when The Burning Sky was coming out. She was kind enough to send me an ARC and referenced the pinto bean story in her inscription. The socks are so comfy! I love wearing them and those chocolates didn’t last!

Whoa! I didn’t know you were Veronica Mars! This was an amazingly themed package! I laughed when I saw the marshmallows especially when you take into account what it all means! I’ve started on The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and a co-worker was asking me about the show. His daughter was a fan of the series and he was wondering if she should read the books. I told him yes! I’ve taken the hot coca to work-we’re starting to get cold and it’s a nice treat in the afternoons. And, I love my Coke tumbler! A few people have said how awesome it is at work and I love to fool them as I drink water. 😀

And that first night, here was what I read and of course had some hot chocolate with the marshmallows! It was perfect!

I can’t wait to get to know who you really are! I’m so excited to have you as my secret sister this round. I am looking forward to getting to know you better and thank you so much for thinking of me.

P.S. Have you been watching Big Bang this season? Ah, Sheldon!

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