Celebrating a Life: Kaos the Cat

November 11, 2015 Musings 0

On Monday, November 02, 2015 we had to put our oldest cat, Kaos to sleep. He was about 13/14 years old and came into our life as a wrecking ball. At the time, our only cat Kitty, was an outdoor cat and every evening, I’d go out to the front and call her, “Kitty! Here Kitty, kitty, kitty.” Sometimes she’d come right away and other times we’d go inside and then come back for a second round of calling. That night, my sister and I called for her and we heard meowing but she wasn’t around. Then all of sudden this little white ball of fur came running out of the bushes and we go into the house screaming!


He was named after two members of boybands: Lance Bass from NSync and Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. He was Lanceston Kaos to us, but simply became Kaos and his name was fitting. He loved to attack your feet while you were asleep. He loved his Snuggle Bear toy and often would carry it around and sleep with it. He didn’t care what he knocked over as long as it meant it was no longer in the way of getting to you. Most of all, he loved sleeping under blankets.

Kitty didn’t care for him very much and it had to do with their age. He was still a kitten when he found us and she was about five years old. Kaos used to sleep in my parents bedroom and one day, he escaped through their bathroom window. It’s a miracle he survived leaving the backyard with two dogs around and while Kitty could have left him alone, she knew he wasn’t supposed to be outside. She kept him company at the front door until I found them and brought him inside. He loved her very much and I hope that they’re together or at least keeping one another company.

Kaos didn’t eat very much, but he was overweight. And in April, I noticed he was losing a lot of weight. In June, my dad took him to vet and we were told he had a tumor under his stomach and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The vet gave him a month or two. He lasted a little over 4 months. He hated the medicine and often looked liked a little vampire trying to get the taste out of his mouth.
We’ve never lost two pets in the span of a year and much less in less than six months. On Monday, November 02, he was having trouble breathing and we took him to a local 24 vet clinic, where the vet on call said his liver was failing in addition to the breathing problems. It was a difficult decision, but he was in pain. He died in my father’s arms and even though Kaos knew the end was near and was having trouble breathing he was a fighter to the end.

Rest in peace my little wrecking ball.

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