Confessions of a Hogwarts Newbie: The Chamber of Secrets

December 10, 2015 Bookish Confessions 0

As several of you know, I’ve never read Harry Potter! I read The Sorcerer’s Stone in February 2014 and it’s been a rather long wait for a library copy.

What I really liked about Chamber of Secrets is really seeing how the Hogwarts Houses came about. I also really enjoyed going back to Hogwarts and learning lessons at the same time Harry and his friends do. Truthfully, Snape is becoming a favorite. I can’t wait to see what other adventures Harry and his friends go on.

Overall thoughts as I read:
• Ah poor Harry! No one remembers his birthday.
• Dudley is such a tattle tale! But yay Harry for doing a spell and making Dudley run for his life.
• I’m curious to know more about Dobby and who he works for.
• Sneak peek into the Weasley household! A ghoul and gnomes in their house! I love the idea of house elves. I need a castle or an old manor.
• Errol! I love this ancient owl.
• I adore Mrs. Weasley and how she just accepted Harry as one of her own.
• Awwww! Ginny has a crush on Harry.
• Mr. Weasley’s curiosity about the muggle world will be the death of him! Hasn’t heard of what happened to a curious cat? Hmmm….
• Oh my gosh! Gildery Lockhart! Someone tell me he’s a fake!
• Oooh grown up fight: Weasley vs Malfoy! My money is on Mr. Weasley.
• I can’t believe Harry and Ron missed the train! How will they get to Hogwarts?
• Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the car!
• Oooh Snape! I can just picture Harry and Ron’s face at being found by Snape.
• Professor McGongall asking why the boys didn’t send a letter by owl reminds me that I need an owl. How do I get one?
• I love this line, “Snape looked as though Christmas had been canceled.”
• Lockhart trying to give advice to Harry about fame, oh please! Go away Lockhart.
• Quick! Someone wash Malfoy’s mouth out for saying mudblood.
• I love Headless Nick!
• A deathday party? That’s interesting. Imagine if we could really have those.
• A haunted toilet? Poor Moaning Myrtle.
• I like how all four houses start with the same letter of the house. Though reading the name Helga Hufflepuff makes me think of the truck at work we call Helga. I guess she’s a Hufflepuff. 😉
• Oooh a secret chamber?
• I like how Lockhart has a special quill for book signings.
• Oh no! Poor Harry and please someone tell me Lockhart is a fraud!
• Could Harry be a Parselmouth? Well…wouldn’t that make Mowgli from The Jungle Book one too since he talks to Kaa?
• OMG! Poor Harry thinking he killed Dumbledore’s bird, Fawkes.
• Please tell me Hermione gets less annoying as the series progresses. Her turning into a cat is proof she’s not always right (okay even though it wasn’t her fault).
• When in doubt, always go to the library Also, leave the gun. Take the cannoli.
• Aragog is stuff nightmares are made of.
• “Books can be misleading,” said Lockhart. Yes my dear Harry some can be. Also don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
• Who is this Tom Riddle?
• Oh no…someone hold my hand! How can Harry be his past, present, and future?
• NOOOOOOO! Tom Riddle is View Spoiler » O_o
• I love how Dumbledore reassures Harry he’s not like you know who.
• Ah, what a stratifying ending to Chamber of Secrets.

I already have the third book and have started it. I have a few reading obligations to get through and then I can focus on it.

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