Blog Tour: Review- Toni Blake’s Take Me All the Way

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Blog Tour: Review- Toni Blake’s Take Me All the WayTitle: Take Me All the Way
Author: Toni Blake
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Rating: three-stars
My Copy: ARC via Avon
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Synopsis: Tamra Day swore off men a long time ago. Her art, her friends, and her garden have always been enough . . . until now. Suddenly, Tamra is aching for a connection. Unfortunately, Coral Cove's most eligible bachelor is the troublemaker who's building the mini-golf course she's designing. Brusque and sarcastic, he's made a habit of annoying Tamra. But more infuriating is the fact that Tamra can't help noticing how sexy he is.

They call him a war hero, but Jeremy Sheridan knows better. Still haunted by painful memories from Afghanistan, he's just hoping for a fresh start. So far, the only problem is his new boss, Tamra, a control freak who's easy on the eyes—and way too fun to tease.

Despite their differences, Tamra and Jeremy aren't as alone as they think they are. And together, with a little Coral Cove magic, they'll discover how good it feels to embrace a bright new future.

Toni Blake is an author I’ve always wanted to read, but just haven’t had the chance to do so. When the opportunity came to participate in the blog tour for Take Me All the Way, I couldn’t say no. Take Me All the Way is the third book in her Coral Cave series. If you haven’t read the previous two books, it’s not necessary to do so in order to enjoy Take Me All the Way. Although I will warn you, there are some spoilers for the previous books, but not any that I consider huge spoilers.

We have good character development. Our heroine, Tamra Day is an artist / landscaper and she had a difficult childhood. She’s also very shy and takes the time to get to know a person before fully inviting them into her life. I liked her, but wished she was more confident with herself, but when she’s ready to give it her all, she really opens up. Then we have Jeremy Sheridan, a Veteran who just got back from a tour in Afghanistan. Jeremy is dealing with PTSD and trying to cope with the fact that he lost one of best friends to war and he’s living with survivors’ guilt. We have a handful of secondary characters that play a role including Tamra’s friends Christy, Cami, and Fletcher. I’ll be truthful here, Fletcher stole the show! I really liked him and his storyline.

I debated with the rating between a three and a four and in the end, decided on a three for two particular reasons. The first has to do with Fletcher and his story. I normally don’t mind secondary storylines, but when a secondary character’s story is far more interesting than the main, then there’s a problem. There was nothing wrong with the story itself, but Fletcher’s story really stole the show and I wanted more of it. Then there’s the whole love story between Tamra and Jeremy. We didn’t spend a lot of time with them in order for me to fully buy into the “I love you.” They spend the first half of the novel bickering and I wanted more of them together on dates and getting to know one another. Instead when they finally come to terms with their attraction, their moments together are for sexy time.

What I really liked about Take Me All the Way was that there wasn’t a huge misunderstanding as to why Tamra and Jeremy couldn’t be together. I really liked that both of them took the time to talk about their past and were open with one another when they were ready to talk. It’s rare to see a hero’s vulnerability and to experience his nightmares of war. I just really enjoyed their open communication once they were truthful about what they each wanted.

One little hang up was Jeremy’s homeless Veteran status and only because I work for a program that helps homeless Veterans get into housing. Personally, I wanted to refer him to agencies in Florida that assist. Overall, I liked Blake’s writing and I can’t wait to read the first two Coral Cave books. If you’re a fan of small town romances, I really think you’ll enjoy Toni Blake’s Take Me All the Way.

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