Confessions of a Hogwarts Newbie: The Prisoner of Azkaban

January 12, 2016 Bookish Confessions 0

As several of you know, I’ve never read Harry Potter! I read The Sorcerer’s Stone in February 2014.

I really enjoyed The Prisoner of Azkaban and so far it’s my favorite of the four that I’ve read. I had all sort of thoughts regarding Sirius Black and I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read the books, but I’m really satisfied with his character. I was worried about Harry for a bit especially in the beginning, but he can hold his own.

Overall thoughts as I read:
• Harry studying witch burning in the 14th century and this little gem had me grinning, “Wendelin the Wired enjoyed being burnt so much that she allowed herself to be caught no fewer than forty-seven times in various disguises.”
• Errol, the ancient owl! I just adore him.
• I loved how Harry tried to blackmail Uncle Vernon into letting him attend Hogsmeade.
• I really hate that Harry is kept in the dark and I agree with Mr. Weasley that he has a right to know what’s going on.
• Sirius Black murdered 13 people? Egad!
• “safest place on earth was wherever Albus Dumbledore happened to be,” I want to be there too.
• Mrs. Weasley giving a hugging to Harry melted my heart!
• Sirius Black can’t be worse than Voldemoret, can he?” • Hogwarts gets a new professor: R. J. Lupin. Hmmm
• OMG, couldn’t stop laughing at Ron’s assessment of Lupin, “He looks like one good hex would finish him off.”
• Awww, poor Harry can’t go to Hogsmeade
• What is this cloaked figure on the train?
• I like how chocolate is the cure for everything.
• Professor Lupin explains the cloaked figure is a Dementor, looking for Sirius Black.
• Poor Neville Longbottom and having to learn a new password. I know how he feels.
• How will Hermione handle all those classes?
• I love this knight and his excitement to go on a quest.
• “If ever you have need of a noble heart and steely sinew, call upon Sir Cadogan!”
• Bah, this new class with Professor Trelawney. What does she know of divination?
• Professor Trelawney predicts a death! Go figure.
• Hippogriffs!
• Rolls eyes at Draco Malfoy’s “injury.”
• Ooh, boggarts are interesting!
• Oh no! Where has the Fat Lady gone?
• OMG! Sir Cadogan is challenging people to duels and changing the passwords! I love him!
• Ah, there goes Snape taking away points once again from Gryffindor.
• Fred and George have a map of Hogwarts. Are we surprised?
• “I solemnly swear that I am up to good!”
• Sirius and James Potter were best friends!
• Awwww, Ron offering to make a cup of tea because his mom does that.
• I like how Lupin is trying to help Harry conquer his fears with Dementors.
• Oh dear, Neville is in trouble!
• Snape can’t work the map! Yay, map!
• Oh my gosh, Ron’s rat!
• Sirius Black! My idea of who he could be, thrown out the window.
• So that’s how Hermione handled her classes, a time turner.
• Awww, Ron calling a telephone a “felly tone.”

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