If We Were Having Lunch: Second Edition

March 7, 2016 Musings 0

Jaime at The Perpetual Page-Turner was inspired by a post written by Ashley (Your Super Awesome Life). Her post, If We were Having Coffee, is a great way to interact with others and share what’s going on in one’s life.

If we were having lunch, I’d tell you- I finished the Harry Potter books and now I want all the HP fan items! Seriously, why did I wait so long to read this series? It’s been a journey with fun times and heartbreak (Cedric! Sirius! Dobby!). I’ve caught myself using a few HP references in real life (for example: I couldn’t find my keys and suddenly say out loud “Accio keys.” As it turns out, I’m still a muggle.). A full post on my overall thoughts of the series is coming.

If we were having lunch, I’d tell you- my sister’s dog has been given the go ahead for surgery! He has a tumor between his tail bone and anus and there was some worry because of his age and apparently cocker spaniels of a certain age, their heart enlarges. So the Vet wasn’t sure if he would survive surgery, but according to the cardiologist, he’s good to go!

If we were having lunch, I’d tell you- one of my besties is going on a mission! I know God is calling her and wants her to serve, but I can’t help but think of how I won’t have her nearby. I’m going to miss her a lot, but it’s okay. We’ll be okay. I know she’s going to have an amazing experience and is going to make a difference. I love you!

If we were having lunch, I’d tell you- I’m helping the Outreach Coordinator with our 10 year anniversary party at work. It’s going to be a fun event and hopefully raise a lot of money to end Veteran homelessness in our city and of course get us one step closer to our own building. It’s been fun being involved in the planning even if it’s just to help put things together for the website.

If we were having lunch, I’d tell you- there are changes at work! I’m still not sure how I feel about things. I’ve had some problems with the new girl at work. On the one hand, I do like her and on the other, I just wish she was more professional. I’ve addressed some of my concerns and it looks like she’s trying, but we’re not there yet. Also, we’re hiring for a few positions and one coworker is moving from one position to another. These next few weeks will be interesting!

If we were having lunch, I’d tell you- I’m not ready for spring or summer! We’ve been in the high 70’s and that’s not normal for us. We don’t hit the 70’s usually until the end of April, with June / July in the 90’s. If this continues, we’ll be 90 by May and ugh, the 100’s by June. Allergy season has already started and I’ve been itching up a storm just by being in the sun (no fun).

If we were having lunch, I’d tell you- how much I’ve missed hearing the Scottish accent, well more like the Glaswegian accent. I had a slight problem with my Scottish bank (received a letter earlier last week dated October 27, 2015) and I had to contact them, etc. I got off the phone with the bank manager who might well as been 80 years old, but the ACCENT! I really do miss Glasgow. I’ll say this much, my bank rocks and all is good!

If we were having lunch, I’d tell you- I’ve missed my blog! I’m having a difficult time getting back into it, but I’m going to sure try! I miss talking about books and I miss all of you!

What about you? What would you tell me if we were having lunch?

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