Blogging Extravaganza: Interview with Myself

March 9, 2016 Musings 2

Rachel over at Beauty and the Bookshelf created Blogging Extravaganza and it’s a short series of challenges to help bloggers think outside the box.

I know I’ve written a few posts regarding my blogging slump and I’m hoping this will help get that mojo back. The first challenge, An Interview with Yourself, started today, but you can still join if you’re interested. Since this is a book blog, I decided to take a few questions I ask in my Books Ahoy! feature and apply them to me.

My favorite book as a child:
I drove my parents crazy with Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. I really liked that book! I also loved Scott O’Dell’s The Island of the Blue Dolphins. It’s based on the true story of Juana Maria, a Nicoleño Native American left alone for 18 years on San Nicolas Island in the 19th century. It has everything a girl would want in a book: adventure, freedom, and a dog!

The book I enjoyed most in school:
Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. I read it my senior year of high school and was actually surprised how much I enjoyed it!

What I’d read if I were restricted to just one genre:
Wow…just one? I’d have to say historical romance particularly those set in Regency England. I get it all: romance, suspense, and a dose of history.

A classic I believe that’s underrated:
Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera! When I read it, I was curious to see how much of the original remained in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. I’ve always maintained that Webber’s musical is one that I hate, but at the same time I love it! It’s sad that it’s overshadowed by the musical because it’s a great Gothic novel.

A classic I’ve never read:
Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. It’s a book I’d like to read one day (key word one day), but I get anxious thinking about it especially having to read all those pages about war.

The book that changed my life:
I hope I don’t alienate anyone, but I swear by Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic. It’s based off her book, The Secret and it’s a 28 day challenge to help you think about what you want in life and surround yourself around positive energy. I’ve had good luck when I’ve done the challenges.

What’s a book you consider grossly overrated?:
Gah…the Fifty Shades of Grey books. I have a lot of issues with the books and most of them have been pointed out before by others. I agree with what’s been said. I do applaud E.L. James for getting people to read especially people who thought they weren’t readers, but ended up branching out and now love reading.

A book people might be surprised to learn I love:
Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel’s Inferno. While I don’t support fan fiction turned into books for profit, I didn’t know it had been Twilight fan fiction at the time I read it. I adore it! I love the whole love and redemption aspect, but also will admit it’s not perfect. I have problems with Gabriel’s attempt to meddle in Julianne’s life and who she can talk to and can’t, etc. I just love Reynard’s writing.

A book I thought I’d hate, but ended up loving:
Hate isn’t the word, I’d use, but I was really surprised how much I ended up enjoying the Harry Potter series! I tell people that I now understand why there was this uproar to get the book burned because of magic, etc. Pure sorcery she’s used because now I want all things Potter!

The last book that made me laugh, and the last one that made me cry:
J.K. Rowlings’ Half Blood Prince had me laughing, but Deathly Hallows had me crying my eyes out. Dobby and others who died!

The movie adaptation I loved:
One of my favorite films is Gone With the Wind and I love the book and the film equally. Another adaptation I really like is David Nicholls’ One Day.

The things I’ve written that make me cringe and the things I’ve written that make me proud:
I cringe when I read sections of my Master’s thesis, but it’s also the one thing I’ve written that makes me proud. I wish I had had more time to work on it and really polish it, but at the end of the day, I’m really happy with the grade I got. Especially when you take into account that my advisor only read the first chapter!

What I’m reading now:
Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’! I’m really enjoying it and finally understand what peachbutt means! I’m also reading an ARC of Gretchen Archer’s Double Knot . I love Archer’s Davis Way series, but in this book I’m in it! How fun is it to be a character in a book?

And finally, you’ve been given the task to host a last minute dinner party. Which authors are on your ultimate dinner invitation list? Alive or Dead.
Oh gosh this is a hard one. I really hope I don’t sound cliché when I say I’d invite J.K. Rowling. I’d like to have her, Charles Finch, Deanna Raybourn, Chelsea Cain, Gaston Leroux, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edgar Allan Poe all around the dinner table and see what magic happens! I’d like to imagine this first dinner would turn into an awesome literary salon and we’d invite other authors such as Stephen King and maybe Charles Dickens to talk.

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  1. Rachel Patrick

    Not gonna lie, it’d be a pretty cool and interesting dinner party if Edgar Allan Poe was there. I still need to read DUMPLIN’, and I actually haven’t heard of many of the books you’ve mentioned because I read more YA than anything else (though I’m trying to branch out more). ONE DAY is a book I’ve been wanting to read and a movie I want to see. GONE WITH THE WIND is a movie I refuse to watch until I read the book, whenever that may be. (It’s so BIG.) But I have seen a few bits and pieces of the film, and I’ve gotta say, Scarlett O’Hara seems kind of annoying! But I love the name O’Hara so I DID name my cat after her. Thanks for joining in!
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