Dear Secret Sister #7

March 14, 2016 Musings 1

#OTSPSECRETSISTER is hosted by On the Same Page. It’s a six month “Secret Santa” type of set up, but instead of focusing on gifts, it’s a cheer club. Everyone is paired up and throughout the round, cards, little gifts, and cheer are sent. For more information about the set up and how to join the next round, see this post over at The Book Addicts Guide.

Dear Round 4 Secret Sister:
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’ve quit my job to go to Hogwarts! Just kidding! 😉 Haha, but it’s been fun so far and I know we’ll have lots to catch up on!

Ah, what a fun package! I hope you don’t mind, but I shared the chocolates with the Veterans that came into the office. They loved being offered candy, so you made someone’s day. Let’s talk about those socks! I want to wear them everyday! You inspired some major sock envy! Thank you for Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments! I’ve only read two of her books, Eleanor & Park and Landline, both of them I really enjoyed and can’t wait to read this one! I loved

march_ss01 march_ss02
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I got a Hogwarts letter! I love the tote bag! I want to take it everywhere, but don’t want it to get dirty. Then there’s the awesome magnet, which makes me really wish I had a magnetic board at work so I can take it to work, but it’s on the going on new fridge at the house. I really love the Harry Potter bookmarks! I actually have an idea for an HP shelf and want these to stand out. And, the fudge was delicious! Did you make it? I didn’t notice Carry On was signed until I opened it! My second Rainbow Rowell signed book! Thank you so much! <3 By the time I've posted this, you should have received my note about this package. Hope your March is amazing!

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  1. Secret Sister

    Yes, it was homemade fudge. 🙂 Glad you love everything so far! Rainbow Rowell is LOVE, my favorite book by her so far is Fangirl.

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