Book Review: Gretchen Archer’s Double Knot

November 16, 2016 4 out of 5, review 1 ★★★★

Book Review: Gretchen Archer’s Double KnotTitle: Double Knot
Author: Gretchen Archer
Genre: Mystery
My Rating: four-stars
My Copy: ARC courtesy of Henery Press
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Synopsis: Super Spy Davis Way sets sail on a Caribbean cruise aboard the MS Probability with fifty billionaires, a boatload of Louis Vuitton luggage, Anderson Cooper, and her mother. (Her mother?) The weather is perfect, the seas are calm, and Suite 704 is spectacular. Until the door slams shut. For good.

Obviously, it’s a system glitch. Surely someone will show up to free Davis, Miss Hawaii, and the creepy staff. But when the minutes turn to hours and the hours stretch into a day, Davis knows it’s up to her. With $50,000 in casino chips, a pot roast, and a crash course in banking, she races against the clock to determine why they’re being held, stop the people behind it, and find a way out.

Secrets are revealed, antiquities are destroyed, and they’re running out of dishes. It’s mayday on Probability when Davis Way realizes that only the truth will set her free.

Woo-hoo, Gretchen Archer’s Davis Way is back! Double Knot is the fifth book in the series and if you haven’t read the series before, it’s not necessary to enjoy Double Knot. I do recommend you read at least the first book, Double Whammy, because you’ll get to meet the characters and better understand who they are and why they act the way they do.

We continue to have good character development. I often find myself struggling to read a series when there’s no character growth or there’s nothing new to discover about the main character. Archer does a great job adding more dimensions to her characters. We find out about Davis’ secret, which is heartbreaking on many levels, but also understanding when we find out about it. I won’t say what it is because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you’ve read the Davis books, you get the feeling she’s keeping something from us. I also enjoyed Fantasy’s growth! Fantasy herself continues to surprise me and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her! In Double Knot, we have several new characters that a play a vital role and I really enjoyed meeting them. Although, if I had to pick a character that stole the show, it’s probably Davis’ cat, Anderson Cooper!

What I really liked about Double Knot is the setting! I loved that Archer took us away from the Bellissimo Resort and Casino and we got to go on a cruise with Davis and company! It was exciting (hey, I’ve never been on one!) and yet, if this were a movie, we’d definitely be sitting on the edge of our seats! Technology plays a huge role in our lives and I won’t go into detail, but it was interesting to see Davis and Fantasy make do with what they had! Gretchen Archer’s writing is a real treat! Putting your characters in a confined place with only a few people to interact with, could have made Double Knot boring or cringe worthy with forced interactions, but we don’t get that. I tried to anticipate the next possible scenario as I read, but everything I imagined was wrong! I was highly suspicious of one particular character, but Archer proved me wrong! And, I just love it when authors do that! My one real complaint about Double Knot is, there wasn’t enough of Davis’ husband, Bradley, in it!

Overall, Gretchen Archer’s Double Knot was a fun read! I really can’t way to read the next book in the series and see how Davis handles the new changes in her life. If you’re looking for a fun read, I highly recommend Double Knot!

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