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Jan 04

Postscript: December 2013

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. As for me, December was a busy month but not because I was out participating in events, but rather…I started a new job! It’s been crazy just trying to find a routine that works with blogging and I think I’m starting to find my footing again. Just be aware that things may be a little slower on my end as I find a routine. A reminder that giveaway winners are always announced on the Facebook page, but you can always check the giveaway page where it not only lists current giveaways, but the names of winners as well. What’s coming in 2014 to Literary, etc? Well, Danielle from Consuming Worlds and I are hosting another Free Read-athon and we’re… Read more »


Dec 01

Postscript: November 2013

Happy December! Can you believe we are in the final month of the year? To my fellow Americans: I hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving! If you celebrate Hanukkah: May this season of beauty and light fill your heart and home with happiness. As part of her blogoversary celebration, Octavia from Read Sleep Repeat asked if I’d be interested in writing a guest post. My post is about the evolution of Lit, etc and you can read it here. I’m still planning on a mini hiatus in December, but have a few requested reviews to post before the end of the year and there will be a few giveaways so keep an eye out for those posts. So here’s what you may have missed in November 2013!… Read more »


Nov 01

Postscript: October 2013

Happy November! I can’t believe how quickly the year goes, but it seems once we hit August, the year just goes by super fast. The next two months will be quiet. I’m a bit behind on requested reviews and will be working on those during November and then come December, I’m going on a mini hiatus. The big event for November is Deanna Raybourn’s visit to Albuquerque next Friday and I’m excited! Depending on the bookstore’s book signing limit, I’m going to try to get a copy of one of the Lady Julia Grey books signed for a giveaway. Don’t forget there’s a copy of Shelly Frome’s Tinseltown Riff up for grabs. Giveaway ends on Wednesday, November 06 that Midnight MST (2 am EST). News and Features One Liners: Chelsea… Read more »


Oct 01

Postscript: September 2013

Happy October everyone! In case you missed the news: Lit, etc is sporting a new header and layout! A few older entries may still sport some blue and I’ll change those over time. Since the holiday season is right around the corner, I wanted to touch base regarding what to expect the next couple of months. The first 2 weeks of October you’ll see a few blog tour stops. And afterwards for November and December, we’re looking at a very quiet calendar. I’m looking at taking a small hiatus starting the second week of December. Regular features such as Film Friday and One Liners will be posted, but reviews and such will be limited. We also have a few giveaways going on: 2 digital copies of Mina Vaughn’s How to… Read more »


Sep 01

Postscript: August 2013

Where did August go? I swear it was just the start of the month a few days ago! Well I survived jury duty! Not the first time serving and I doubt it will be my last. There was a lot of waiting around and quickly learned to bring at least two books with me in case one of them didn’t work out or I finished one. I did get chosen for one case (guilty on 1 count, but not guilty on 2 others) and was considered for two other cases, but was let go in the end. I’ve spent the past few days catching up on a few reviews and working on the blog. I’ve updated a lot of feature images and am slowly making my way to other features…. Read more »


Jul 31

Postscript: July 2013

Where did July go? August is a busy month and I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll do especially in the next two weeks because I’m scheduled for jury duty (which might be extended). I do have some posts written and hopefully will get those scheduled, but I’ll be around in the late evenings. Feel free to drop me a tweet. 🙂 The big event for Lit, etc is Free eRead-a-thon and it’s a week long event where you get to read those free ebooks you’ve downloaded. Anyone can participate including non-bloggers and there are prizes too! Sign-up here. A reminder that all giveaway winners are announced on the FB page usually accompanied by the image of the prize. You can always check the Giveaway page and under the policy,… Read more »


Jul 05

Postscript: June 2013

Happy Summer everyone! Not much activity in June other than a lot of reviews. I’m working on a few discussion posts for July, but I’m also working on a week long event for the release of Chelsea Cain’s Let Me Go come August. If you have any favorite books in the serial killer genre or a favorite film or television series, feel free to comment here or email me your suggestions as I compile a list for Gretchen Lowell week. If you’ve read Cain’s Archie / Gretchen series, I’d love to get your input regarding your favorite quotes or maybe your casting choice for the upcoming series! Here’s a recap of what you may have missed on Literary, etc during June. News and Features Top Ten Tuesday: 2013 Top Ten… Read more »


Jun 07

Postscript: May 2013

The big news for May was participating in Armchair BEA. I had a lot of fun and learned a few things plus I had a great time meeting new bloggers. I’m really looking forward to applying some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way. What else is new? Well, I’ve been talking to Lauren on and off and we are introducing a new aspect to Lit, etc regarding reviews especially those that fall in the 4/5 line rating. Some 5 star books just go beyond a rating and I want to distinguish those that stand out. The same goes for a 4 star rating. You’ll see a few reviews tagged as “excellence” or “recommended.” This basically means: this book, in our own opinion, is one you have to… Read more »


Apr 30

Postscript: April 2013

I’m sure most of you saw the announcement of our move from to Let’s see…besides a new host, did you notice any changes? I won a layout and the UBB plugin from Ashley over at Nose Graze. The giveaway was part of her blogversary and I installed the plugin a few days ago and our review index changed. I also tweaked the layout she made and with Lauren’s help, I played with color combinations and designed a new header. Let us know what you think! If you’re a book blogger, do check out Ashley’s UBB plugin. Here’s a recap of what you may have missed on Literary, etc during April. News and Features Top Ten Tuesday: Include These Words & I’ll Buy Your Book Film Friday: The Great… Read more »


Mar 31

Postscript: March 2013

We had a fantastic March! I’m hoping April is just as awesome. I’m hoping you’ll join us for a few giveaways and I’m calling April a Tempting month. We also have some great interviews with two rocking authors and I hope you enjoy getting to know them better. Here’s a recap of what you may have missed on Literary, etc during March. News and Features Film Friday: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Top Ten Tuesday:10 Books I Recommend Film Friday: The Bridges of Madison County Feature & Follow: My Guilty Reading Pleasure Film Friday: Her Majesty Mrs. Brown Discussion: Swag Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Bought, But Still Haven’t Read Feature & Follow: Favorite Reading Spot Top Ten Tuesday:TBR List: Books To Read By June Top Ten Tuesday: Books… Read more »


Mar 04

Postscript: February 2013

February was an amazing month for Literary, etc! Thank you to everyone who made it possible. Lauren and I decided to do a monthly wrap up post to help both current and new followers. Instead of having to scroll the archives (well you can) to find exactly the post you wanted to read or are new to blog, we hope having a recap will be useful. News and Features Book Blogger Twitter Con: Nomination and how to vote Auto-buy Lists: Authors who could start selling junk & I’d buy it Favorite Romances: He Loves, He Loves Me Not Bookish Memories: Fangirl Memories Cover Reveals J. Lynn’s Wait For You Guest Review Derick Upton: Valentine’s Day – Myth, Mystery or Money Making Machine Author & Book Spotlights Rebecca Reid Alan Cupp… Read more »